Screen and Film School Birmingham: Freshers Diary 2021

15th October 2021

Screen and Film School Birmingham first year student Yonatan Tiruneh shares his 2021 Freshers experience- from DJ sets, to meeting the lecturers, and getting to grip with industry kit.

Screen and Film School Birmingham lived up to every expectation I had for a film school. And even exceed that expectation. We had an amazing night with DJ Yoda and all my newfound fellow creatives. The freshers week was packed with insightful activities, night outs and a look at the fantastic arsenal we have at our disposal. I was very excited to see the fully rigged Arri Mini with the WCU4 handsets and even had a play with it.

The week started with a visit to CVP and meeting industry professionals, who are veterans in their respective fields. It set the tone for the whole week, and it clearly shows the connections that the school has and will continue to develop. It’s a great relief to see that when I graduate, I will leave with a degree and a network of working professionals. For me, that is better than a degree as the film and tv industry operates on word of mouth and network. I followed the CVP day out with a night at the Mill with students from our sister college BIMM Institute. It was great meeting all the wonderful musicians who we will be working with and whose music we will have access to.

That was followed by an insightful Tuesday, where we got our IDs and a face to face introduction with our lecturers. Lauran, a first-year film production student said, “It was a brilliant day! I thought it would be boring and administrative, but it was great to meet the lectures and the location was gorgeous.” That location is the Everyman Cinema in Birmingham, one of my favourite places.

The week continued with Breakfast at the Custard Factory, another one of Birmingham’s beautiful hidden spots. As mentioned before, we had an evening at the Night Owl with DJ Yoda. He was a master at the turntable and a brilliant showman- to say more would be to ruin his wonderful show. I enjoyed every aspect of the freshers week- and that’s hard for me to say since I am a hypercritical person! I am very excited to see who these next few years hold.

I would like to thank College Principal Hannah Stevenson and her wonderful team, as it was no small task planning all this and looking after the whole cohort. I am ready to go out there and embrace every aspect of film school, as well as to make the thoughtful and inspired creations I never thought I would get the opportunities to make.



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