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Performers College Graduate Adrian Gas on collaboration and working with Nicole Scherzinger

12th February 2024

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For Together We Create, we caught up with accomplished choreographer and Performers College graduate Adrian Gas to talk about his work with Nicole Scherzinger on the new show Schhh! for P&O Cruises. We also discussed the importance of collaboration generally, as well as Adrian’s memories of Performers College.

Adrian was born and raised in Ibiza, Spain.  As the son of a dancer and a musician, creativity has always been a natural part of life. Wanting to further his career, he relocated to London and began his training at Performers College in 2000.

Since graduating Performers College, Adrian has had a successful and varied career. Starting out as a dancer, he has worked for some of the biggest international recording artists such as Take That, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, and Robbie Williams.   Adrian’s dance career developed naturally into a career as a choreographer and movement director, and he has starred on The Voice, Dancing On Ice, and even the Closing Ceremony of The London Olympics 2012. He has also worked for corporate brands such as Debenhams, Toyota, Samsung, Heineken, and P&O.

How do you approach working with people in other creative roles and disciplines when on a show like Schhh?

As a choreographer or creative, collaboration is an integral part of our work. When starting a project, it is crucial to approach it with an open mind. Treating everyone as equals, regardless of their position or role, is very important to me! Each individual brings their own unique journey, experiences and knowledge to the table. Therefore, it is essential to foster a culture of active listening and mutual respect among the team members. By doing so, we can harness the collective potential and achieve the best possible outcome in projects. While it may be challenging to navigate different personalities and characters, remember that collaboration is the key to success in most projects. It’s so important to stay calm, attentive, and strive to find a harmonious way of working with everyone involved.

Can you share a memorable experience or lesson learned from Schhh?

Working alongside Nicole has been an incredibly memorable experience in itself. Her remarkable talent, passion, and the deep level of involvement have truly left a lasting impression on me. It’s no secret that working with big celebrities can be quite nerve-racking; that moment right before stepping into the first meeting with the artist, clients, and the production team can be filled with anticipation and uncertainty. You find yourself pondering how well you will “click” with them, what their expectations might be, and how the entire creative journey will be.

However, as the first meeting progresses and I found I’d been there for two hours, it happened – I realised that Nicole and I shared similar visions for what the show could become. This inspiration ignited a sense of excitement, and at that moment I could finally let go of any lingering tension and simply be myself.

Working alongside Nicole not only allowed me to tap into my own creative potential, but also encouraged me to push the boundaries of what we could do with this show. Together, we embarked on a journey where artistic visions merge, ideas slowly refined, and things came to life.

What did your time/experience at performers college teach you about collaboration?

Oh, the memories of my time at Performers! It was truly a transformative experience that taught me so much. Of course, the countless hours spent in the dance studios, mastering choreography, were invaluable. But it was the conversations andspeeches from principals, teachers and guests that left a mark on me. I think that human interaction is so important in any work or life experience, as it is through these interactions that we get to soak up the wisdom and insight from the experiences of others. Learning from the experiences of others opens doors we never knew existed and gives us the tools to navigate the challenges of life and work.

So many epic memories from my time at Performers that I’ll never forget, but a special one was winning the choreographic competition in my second year and having my piece added to the end of year show, which was the first time that had happened.

Adrian poses with colaborrator on the red carpet of Schh!

Why is collaboration so important in the creative industries in general?

Because no job is just yourself; whether we like it or not, there are always other people involved. That’s why it’s crucial to have the skills to navigate these interactions. While your talent may be important on its own, it’s equally important to be likable, approachable, and an effective collaborator.

What are your top three tips for successful collaboration?

  1. I always think it’s very important to do your homework before starting any project – it’s great to learn about the people you’re going to work with. If you don’t know them already, do a little research.
  2. Treat everyone as an equal: treat them the same way you want to be treated.
  3. Be ready to learn and be open to taking on other people’s ideas – when working with other creatives you’ll learn so much from each other, which can really benefit your development as an artist.

Adrian’s show with Nicole Scherzinger, Schh! is currently playing exclusively on P&O Cruises. Thanks, Adrian for your time and insight!

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