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Performers College student Aria Campbell reflects on Ashley Walters masterclass

22nd March 2024


Screen and Film School Birmingham recently hosted a masterclass with actor, producer and director as well as rapper Ashley Walters. Ashley’s credits include Top Boy, Bulletproof and Speed Racer. He was also part of So Solid Crew performing under the moniker Asher D.

Performers College and BIMM Music Institute students were also invited to the on-campus event, and third year BA Musical Theatre and Dance student Aria Campbell attended the masterclass with her coursemate Justine. We caught up with Aria to find out more.

What inspired you to sign up for the Ashley Walters masterclass?

I saw the masterclass as a massive opportunity, to have an industry professional at that level take the time to visit the campus is a huge moment which I was desperate not to miss. The chance to learn and get inspiration from someone as successful as Ashley Walters was something I couldn’t pass up; the advice and experience he could share was invaluable.

Ashley Walters is interviewed by careers manager Lucy

What do you feel you learned from the masterclass?

Even though I am on the musical theatre and dance course, the film industry is still something I’m passionate about. All the industries within the performing world, especially in present day, cross over at some point so I decided I want to absorb all the knowledge available to me. Ashley himself told us his career started on stage which opened my eyes that you don’t have to put yourself in one box and stay there in this industry. Even beyond working within the film industry, his advice and strong work ethic can be applied to life in general, his story proves if you work hard enough you can achieve your goals.

What were your highlights from the masterclass?

My highlight was the student Q&A. I really enjoyed hearing questions from students on different courses to get answers and advice on things I wouldn’t have thought of myself and to hear how passionate they were was inspiring. I also loved how personal the masterclass felt, it felt like a safe space to ask any questions and for students to be able to present Ashley with their work was a massive opportunity for feedback.

Aria and Ashley converse after the session

How do you feel about the opportunity to attend Screen and Film School and BIMM Music Institute masterclasses as a Performers College student?

Its great to be able to share experiences like this with the other courses – everyone has different journeys and different things they want to take away from a masterclass. This in turn can inspire other students who potentially haven’t thought about exploring other parts of the industry. It is also a massive privilege that many other performing arts colleges don’t get, to be able to access and learn about the music and film side of the industry all on one campus!

I would love to attend more music and film masterclasses as I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new things. The opportunity to get to learn from more professionals across the wider creative industry like Ashley is something I’m always excited to experience!

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