Meet the Lecturers: Part 2

19th January 2022

Following on from last week’s introduction to Tunji Akinsehinwa from Birmingham and Sadie Anderson from Brighton, we’re back with Part 2 of our ‘Meet the Lecturers’ series.

We’re going to the northwest to kick things off, as we hear from our first Screen and Film School Manchester lecturer in this series. Our Head of Year One, Milda Baginskaite, is currently in the process of pitching an idea to Netflix and Channel 4. From there, we will head back down to our flagship college in Brighton, to hear from a high-profile member of staff whose name is recognisable the world over in the film industry. Get ready for first-hand talk of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises…

But without further ado, here is an introduction to Screen and Film School Manchester’s Head of Year One, and expert lecturer, Milda Baginskaite:

Milda Baginskaite

How would you describe your role at Screen and Film School Manchester?

As a lecturer and also a head of year, my day-to-day is based on a lot of communication with students: on academic topics, anything to do with student life or simply discussing their favourite films. I also run a Secret Cinema Club during which we have heated discussions about various good and not so good films.

Could you tell us about some of your proudest achievements in the industry  and some  of your well-known  credits?

It’s so hard to talk about past successes as a creative! I think we always just want to focus on the next project and are not very good at bigging ourselves up. Perhaps my proudest moment as a filmmaker is showing one of my very early films, 7 Planets, at NASA. It felt like the film had truly found its home there and the audience really appreciated the small scientific easter eggs hidden in the narrative. Currently I am developing a TV series with the support from Screen Yorkshire and getting ready to pitch it to such big names as NETFLIX and Channel 4, which is a very exciting place to be in.

How would you describe the environment at Screen and Film School to any prospective students?

Screen and Film School is a place where you are allowed to play, grow and experiment with your creativity. As well as that, it is an amazing ‘marketplace’ where you get to meet, chat and learn from a variety of industry professionals and potential employers.

What is your  favourite  recent TV show  or film and why?

At the moment, Succession stands out for its unique acting, writing and very strong characterisation. Film-wise, Emerald Fennel’s Promising Young Woman is probably my favourite of the past year – this film takes you on quite a journey.

What is your best piece of  filmmaking  advice?

Be kind and true to your own voice. You are an artist and a storyteller first, and an entertainer – second.

Thanks for those insights, Milda. We also managed to catch up with our Production Design specialist and Brighton Film Studios Manager, Ollie Hodge. A quick glance at Olly’s film credits is like reading a who’s who of high-end sci-fi and action films. Robin Hood, Troy, Die Another Day and Prometheus are all there, as well as many more. Olly works closely with our students and will play a key role in helping to launch our brand-new degree course for the next academic year: BA Hons Production Design for Screen & Film. Here is a short Q and A with the man himself, get ready to marvel at some of his achievements…

Ollie Hodge

How would you describe your role at Screen and Film School Brighton?

I am the Brighton Film Studios Manager. I am overseeing the design, development and daily running of the studios and film sets. My days consist of scheduling and facilitating the use of the studios for tutorials and film shoots and using 3-D CAD and workshop facilities to assist the students in adapting the film sets for their individual film projects.

Could you tell us about some of your proudest achievements in the industry  and some  of your well-known  credits?

Designing, building and driving the NASA-approved Mars Rovers for Ridley Scott’s The Martian. Set Designing and Art Directing the Interior of the Starship for Marvel Studios’ Eternals. Winning the People’s Choice Award at Vancouver International Film Festival for Filming and Directing the Documentary Feature Film Garbage Warrior.

Some of my other well-known film credits include Mission Impossible Fallout, Prometheus, Tomb Raider 1 and 2, Die Another Day, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Fifth Element, Star Wars the Phantom Menace.

How would you describe the environment at Screen and Film School Brighton to any prospective students?

A hub of creativity, hands-on practical filmmaking, state-of-the-art facilities, industry experienced staff and excellent outreach to industry.

What is your favourite TV show or recent film and why?

DEVS by Alex Garland, on the BBC – pure imagination, stunning design and cinematography.

What is your best piece of filmmaking advice?

From the stance of a Production Designer, communication of ideas is paramount as is the ability to express yourself on paper and verbally.

Your audience’s emotional response will depend on the aesthetic psychology of the world you create, the success of which relies on thorough research, excellent choices for locations, sets and costume designs, lighting, and overall attention to detail.

Thank you to Milda and Ollie for taking the time out to discuss their roles at the Film School. We are hugely grateful that they’re both on board and here to help our students succeed. In the next part of our ‘Meet the Lecturers’ series, we will head back to Birmingham for a sit down with an expert filmmaker there, as well as another member of staff from Brighton.



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