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Together We Create

Meet Nayeli: Last year’s Spotify Scholarship winner

19th March 2024


At the heart of BIMM University is a thriving community of creatives who share a passion for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, game developer or performer, there’s a place for you in our dynamic community.

‘Together We Create’ isn’t just a slogan – it’s a living testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the BIMM experience. It’s about forging connections, amplifying ideas, and bringing dreams to life through collective effort.

A year on from her visit to the Spotify offices, we caught up with the Berlin-based Spotify Scholarship winner to discuss the impact that the scholarship has had on her.

I am Nayeli. I am 25 years old and from Bonn, Germany. I study Popular Music Performance as a vocalist at BIMM Berlin. I am currently in my second year.

The Spotify Scholarship has been very impactful. I have found the town that I would love to live in for a long time, I have met amazing, talented musicians and filmmakers, and most importantly I can make music. I learnt so much about my voice, about performance, and about myself as an artist. I am exploring so many new things that I can do. This was possible because of the scholarship. I had a complicated relationship with music but now I feel happy and excited for the future. I also found many amazing friends. I am happy to share the stage with them and work on ​​my songs. Many ideas also come from my friends. They make my work as great as possible. It is exciting to work with like-minded people and not against them.

I come from a classical music background, and competing was exhausting and stressful. I always wanted to share the stage with others and not be alone. It is the most beautiful feeling to be on stage with your friends, with people who care about your work.

I currently have two projects, one of those is a metal band with my hyperfeminine persona and I am lucky to have brilliant musicians in my band. The other project is my personal persona. I am working on a single release and there will also be a music video in collaboration with filmmaking students from BIMM. I am very excited about ‘Claustrophobia’.

Collaborations such as the BIMM x Spotify scholarship are so important because they give hope. When I found out that I got the scholarship I felt hope for the future and hope for my music career. Before that, I was very scared of my future because I did not know how I would be able to achieve my dream of becoming a musician. It almost seemed impossible. I also believe that without collaboration there will not be any developments.

Through collaborations of any kind, you can learn from the collaborator and allow new opportunities to grow. I think, to me, it is beautiful to see my growth. This opportunity was life-changing for me because my growth was halted before coming to Berlin, since I did not do what I always wanted to do. And now that I can do that I am in full bloom.


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