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Together We Create: The Importance of Creative Collaboration

28th November 2023

Collaboration is one of the most important parts of working in the creative industries, and teaming up with other like-minded creatives in small cohorts to work on your artistic practices is what BIMM University is all about. With combined cross-disciplinary classes in many modules, there are so many opportunities to network and learn from your peers in a familiar setting.

The concept of ‘networking’ often sounds daunting until you realise that it is just a way of connecting with other like-minded individuals in your area of work. How often have you spoken to an artist after a show and told them you are also a performer? Or replying to a social media call-out for a camera crew. That is networking! Business cards are no longer needed when your social media account can do the job twice as quickly and for a fraction of the price.

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Building a network is incredibly important if you want to work in the creative industries. Developing professional relationships can open doors to new opportunities and can also help you work on new ideas. Gaining insights and thoughts from your peers can be a great way of learning, especially as our industry is ever-changing and has collaboration at its core.


Take a gig, for instance. Although you are paying for a ticket to see an artist, many people are involved in organising a live concert. Without a venue manager and staff, you don’t have a place to perform. Without the engineers, who is going to organise your sound and lighting? Without supporting artists, who are your fans going to watch before you arrive on stage? Many aspects of the creative arts rely on collaboration and networking with people in your industry, and BIMM University provides a significant first step in making these contacts through other students and tutors.

Making the most of your time at BIMM University

Additionally, connecting with other like-minded professionals is an excellent way of making friends and increasing your social well-being. BIMM University has a large number of students who have moved from other cities to study here. It is easy to feel homesick when you haven’t lived alone before, but building meaningful connections in your classes is a great way to make friends who you have something in common with. It is likely that before studying at BIMM, only a few people you knew were interested in your discipline. What could be better than being in a university of students who all share the same interest in creativity and the arts?


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