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Marik Erskine: How Music Made Me

22nd April 2022

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As part of our Music Made Us campaign, Marik Erskine from BIMM Institute Birmingham explains what influences him and how the music industry can strive for inclusivity.

My influences vary quite a bit because of all the genres I experiment with, but a lot of my music takes inspiration from artists I listen to and grew up listening to, including artists like Stevie Wonder, Jacob Collier, Chronixx, Daniel Caesar, Erykah Badu, Sting, Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, and Masego.  The use of bass, electric guitar and drums in my production is also a massive part of my sound, and bassists and producers like Marcus Miller, Victor Wooten, Mono Neon, Michael League, Steve Vai and J Dilla are also huge inspirations.

Birmingham is such a culturally diverse city. Since starting at BIMM Institute my passion has grown. It’s great to be able to learn in an environment where there are so many talented, like-minded people. Everyone wants to help each other and you can tell the lecturers really want to pass their knowledge on to us so we end up with successful careers in the industry.

I’m proud of our history as an industry and the development of modern music. The UK music scene has always been the catalyst for change and going against the norm. From legendary acts like The Beatles, Sex Pistols, Black Sabbath and UB40 having changed the world of popular music across generations, to today’s genres of drill, UK hip hop and afrobeat diversifying the landscape of British music culture, even today we still add to the expansive range of styles that become mainstream.

Going forward, I’d love to see more recognition for black British artists, in the UK and America. We are often underrepresented in receiving accolades and awards for our contributions to the arts, and that needs to change considering how much we’ve brought to it.

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