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It’s your future: Danielle

15th July 2024

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ICTheatre student Danielle has always harboured a deep passion for musical theatre, a dream she has pursued with unwavering dedication since her early childhood.

“I’ve always wanted to do musical theatre. It’s been my dream since I was very young. I started out singing and dancing, taking the classic tap, modern, and ballet classes when I was about seven. Then I joined an after-school performing arts club and loved it. I’ve been training in musical theatre for about five years now, even though COVID interrupted things a bit. But I kept performing, learning new things, dancing, singing, and acting every day.”

Performing brings joy

I love making people happy. When I’m on stage and see the audience smiling, it makes it all worthwhile. People go to see a show to escape, and I love being part of that experience. It makes me happy, too. My family feels the same way—they’ve always been my biggest supporters, from when I was young until now at 21. Performing just feels right for me.

I was okay with the academic side of things and I always put in a lot of effort, especially for my GCSEs but I enjoyed subjects like drama and art where I could be creative. For example, I did an art piece with nails and thread that was really different and fun. But with performing, it comes more naturally to me. It feels like what I’m meant to do.

Inspiration becomes experience

I’m constantly inspired by shows I see, even if there’s not a part for me in them. I recently saw Choir of Man, and it was incredible. I’m also inspired by actresses like Jessie Mueller, who has played many of my dream roles. Seeing shows like Wicked when I was younger also had a huge impact on me.

My experience with The Addams Family was amazing. The director, Gary Sefton, was brilliant. I really wanted to work with him, so I put a lot of effort into my audition for Wednesday. I dressed the part and prepared thoroughly. When I saw my name on the cast list as Wednesday, I was over the moon. It was a great way to finish my final show in the theatre.

Preparation is key for auditions like that. I learned my audition material early, so it was in my muscle memory. I chose a song that fit the character perfectly, and I went in with the mindset that I had nothing to lose. It’s important to be prepared so you can trust yourself in the moment.

Dream roles and the rush of live theatre

My dream role would be to play Jenna in Waitress. Her songs are stunning. I also adore Carole King and would love to play her in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. Both roles are incredible and showcase strong, powerful women.

The rush of live theatre is unbeatable. Anything can happen, and each performance is unique. I love the energy and the connection with the audience. Performing has always been my passion, and I don’t think that will ever change.

Life at ICTheatre Brighton

ICTheatre is great – there’s always a buzz around campus, and it’s a very close-knit community. The relationships between different year groups are strong, and there are plenty of networking opportunities. The teachers are amazing and really care about each student’s progress. By the third year, they know you inside out and are incredibly supportive.

I’m from London, but I moved to Brighton for university and fell in love with the city. It’s vibrant and full of opportunities. There’s always something happening, from gigs to festivals. The community is very supportive, and it feels like home now.

ICTheatre has been fantastic in supporting students. I’ve used the student well-being services a bit, but I’m quite independent. The university has prepared me not only for theatre jobs but for anything in the industry. It’s been a great foundation for my career.

Chase your dreams

My advice to anyone considering studying musical theatre is to do it. Musical theatre is a risk, but if it’s your dream, you should go for it. You don’t want to look back and wonder what could have been. Chase your dreams and see where they take you. If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

As she continues on her path at ICTheatre Brighton, Danielle remains committed to sharing her passion for musical theatre with audiences, driven by a genuine love for her craft.


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