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How to Make Friends in Berlin by Eleanor Andristplourde

1st April 2021

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We caught up with Eleanor Andristplourde, Scholarship Winner at BIMM Institute Berlin, to talk about her top tips on how to make friends in Berlin.

1) Reach out to your fellow students on social media

We’re all new to Berlin and it can be quite scary at times, but know you are not alone. Even though in-person meetups are not possible right now, react to someone if you see them posting on the BIMM socials. You could DM them or make a post of your own. My advice would be to introduce yourself to the people who you don’t know.

2) Sign up for BIMM events

If you get the chance to sign up for the BIMM events, do so! You get to meet a lot of new people that way, and there are lots of fun activities where you get to know one another.

3) Sign up for the Mentor Programme

When I arrived, I didn’t know what I was doing. My mentor was able to help me settle into Berlin by helping me make a “Bürgeramt” appointment for my “Anmeldung”. They’re very friendly and ready to help because they have been in our shoes.

4) Get out of your comfort zone

I started making friends by going to all the events that were happening and reaching out to people. Music is such a collaborative art. I want to get to know and work with everyone, and by stepping out of my comfort zone and making the first move towards others I’ve made some lifelong friends.

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