How to get the most out of Screen and Film School Brighton’s Open Days

24th November 2021

Screen and Film School Brighton’s Student Blogger Ellenor Jenns interviews two of our Student Ambassadors to find out exactly how prospective students can get the most out of our Brighton Open Days.

It’s no secret how important Open Days are to us- they help us show prospective students what we can offer them and how studying here will further their learning.

Naturally, to pull off a successful Open Day it takes a team of committed and organised people for such an event to run smoothly and to plan – Screen and Film School prides themselves on their students, and so hire student ambassadors to assist in speaking to students, showing them around and answering questions.

I spoke to second year students Ivy Brown and Alexis Bah, two of the school’s student ambassadors to get an idea about what their job entails, what they’ve learnt and how they think that prospective students can get the most out of attending an Open Day.

What are some of the most common questions you get asked, and how do you answer them?

Ivy: The most common answers I get asked are questions like “what do you do in lessons?” And ‘how do you find accommodation?’ I answer by explaining how the course is structured and what modules we cover and what we do in those lessons, and then explaining how optional modules work in the second and third year. For accommodation I tell them about the Facebook groups we have and how many years make group chats by finding each other online that we can use to make friends to find houses with.

Alexis: I kinda wish that I got asked a lot more questions but as I work on set during open days they tend to lean towards the kit!

How long do Open Days tend to run?

Alexis: For us student ambassadors, working on set tends to run longer than the actual Open Day itself. The Open Days tend to begin for prospective students around 11am until 3pm so a good four hours but for us on set, it runs for maybe six/seven hours.

What lessons has being a student ambassador taught you so far?

Ivy: So far being a student ambassador has taught me how to answer questions and speak to groups of people confidently and clearly.

Alexis: With the student ambassador role I have learnt mainly to be true about my uni experience as much as I can, it will give prospective students something to gravitate towards instead of being very generic about university life.

Do you have any advice for people that are coming to an Open Day?

Ivy: Advice I’d give to anyone coming to an Open Day is to come armed with questions! Ask several student ambassadors about our experiences (as everyone has unique experiences at the film school and takes different modules) and speak to as many tutors as you can to get a feel of the university and how we operate so you know if Screen and Film School is the right fit for you! You should also park at the studios where parking is free and get the shuttle bus to the other building if you’re driving. And then the shuttle bus can bring you back to the studios to get your car.

Alexis: Well I’d say don’t be shy to ask as many question as you want, we will answer to the best of our ability. Whether it be in regards to the uni experience, to kit, to modules taken in each year at uni, we’ll answer them.

How do you think prospective students can get the MOST out of the time they have at an Open Day?

Ivy: To get the most out of an Open Day I’d recommend getting involved as much as you can and making the most of being here to ask questions and try out the equipment with the staff and (other) student ambassadors.

Alexis: Ask as many questions as you can. Also, test out the kit that we have as you may not get the opportunity to with other universities.

To sum it up…

Open Days are a wonderful resource! Prospective students are always encouraged to attend an Open Day before attending an applicant day, and that’s because it is an incredibly valuable opportunity to get a feel for the university and the facilities, as well as to meet possible classmates early AND talk to your potential lecturers.

Screen and Film School Brighton always have an Open Day lined up, and most are onsite events to give you the chance to try out new kit and ask questions face to face.


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