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Freshers’ Guide to Birmingham

14th August 2019


Birmingham is the 2nd largest city in the UK, yet has the youngest population – This means it’s a place that’s quite literally geared for student life – from live music to clubbing, shopping to restaurants, local festivals to arts and loads more besides.   

What to do first?

Once you’re settled in your student accommodation, go to a local show! Check the “What’s On” Freshers Guide BIMM will issue you, the sooner you start networking the better. If you go on your own its actually better, as you’ll make new friends, have great conversations and most importantly find opportunities, which is key if you’re going to make the most of your time here at BIMM.

You need to see…

Digbeth Dining Club, Pirate Studios and The Custard Factory are all essentials when exploring Birmingham.

The best places to get some culture are…

The MAC Centre, The Gay Village, Chinatown and The Custard Factory are all bursting with culture! As the 2nd largest city in the UK, Birmingham is home to people from all four corners of the globe and immersing yourself in different people’s passions and lifestyles can teach you a lot.

Some other cool student hangouts I’d recommend are The Ruin, Gosta Green and Baked In Brick!

Where to see live music…

Birmingham has an incredible number of venues ranging from iconic spaces such as The Sunflower Lounge and The Flapper to Mama Roux’s, The Mill and the O2 academy/institute.

Mama Roux’s and The Sunflower Lounge are personal favourites of mine but there’s so much more to discover, so go and explore!

Get your retail therapy fix…

Support your local retailers the Custard Factory! Also, I’d recommend PMT for any music equipment purchases. They’ve just moved to a brand-new store and it is definitely something worth seeing. COW Vintage is also a favourite of mine for clothes! As well as this there is of course the mighty Bullring, which you can wander around for hours without getting bored.

You don’t want to miss…

The Birmingham Music Awards monthly networking events. The awards themselves are a great thing to experience and be a part of. I’d also recommend going to some of the free events at The Night Owl such as Kaleidoscope and Neighbourhood (jam night) – both seriously good events! The IKON Gallery is also a must if you want to be inspired!


Darius Zaltash

Moving into his final year, Darius Zaltash began his journey at BIMM Institute Brighton before moving to BIMM Institute Birmingham. He is currently studying Songwriting and has his own musical outfit, The Nu, who have supported Scott Lavene and Deco. The Nu are also due to support Swim Deep. They have headlined Sunny and run Nustock: their own event brand at Mama Roux’s.