Film Made Me: Anniston Quinn

17th July 2020

Film Made Me is a new series from Screen and Film School Brighton, exploring how the wonderful world of film has influenced the lives of people in our community.

From students to staff, industry partners, and graduates- film is an inspiring medium that has a unique ability to shape who we are and who we become… Are you ready to tell your story?


Anniston Quinn: Second Year Student

From a young age, Screen and Film School Brighton 2nd Year student Anniston Quinn always held a passion for the arts. From painting to writing stories, Anniston’s childhood was bursting with creativity, and the discovery of her first camera phone led to her recording films around her house and making her first stop motions. “My parents have always been supportive, and often my mother would find any short course in a fifty mile radius to make films for children,” she notes. Aged 16, Anniston enrolled in a ten week course at BFI- a move which significantly grew her interest in the film industry. During the course she learnt how to take a film from it’s initial stages through to post-production, and was able to watch films at BFI Southbank- including a screening of Donnie Darko and a Q&A with writer and director, Richard Kelly. “Watching that film was probably the moment I decided I wanted to create my own productions, and decided I was going to go to a film school and formally pursue a career in filmmaking.”


“Be proactive, be proactive and be proactive! The film school will plant as many seeds as they can to support students, but how you use the advice and your free time will really determine how you build your career.”


After a recommendation by a friend who had enrolled the previous year, and many visits to Brighton, Anniston decided Screen and Film School was the place to go to further her ambitions. “By far my favourite part of studying at this film school has been the support from the faculty and the relationships I built with them,” she says. “Another great part is meeting other young creatives and being able to collaborate on projects both in and out of university, with the free use of the equipment. This has definitely benefited me in building my portfolio, and I do not take it for granted.”

Collaboration in a creative industry doesn’t always come easy however- especially in the beginning of your career. “When beginning a career in film, you go in with a mindset on how your work will be, so trying to ensure everyone is on the same page can be difficult. In the second year we had a lesson where visitors came into the university to discuss personality types and how to work well with those who are different to you, which I think really helped a lot of students.”

“Hard work pays off could not be more true; if you are willing to fully dedicate your time and energy into a goal, you will succeed. This means not letting a few job rejections defeat you, being willing to learn as much as possible and be accepting of any difficulties you may face.”


After meeting music video director WIZ and working as his 1st AD on a documentary during her first year at SFS, Anniston was thrilled to be invited back to work with him again on a music video for Mika. “It was my first large music video production, and it was excellent to see how a professional team works. I produce music videos in my own time, so this was a great moment to see things in the real world.” Over the summer she landed a Production Assistant role at a small company in London, where she’s been receiving amazing advice and opportunities to support her future career. “I just found out my contract has been renewed, and I am being offered a position with the company indefinitely! We’re planning a large feature film production abroad which I will be joining in the production office.” 



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