Brighton life: Top 5 Brighton Beach Sports

2nd June 2021

Think “Brighton beach” and your mind most likely conjures up postcard-worthy images of the classic British beach break.

We’re talking ice creams, deckchairs, beach huts and protecting your snacks from those pesky seagulls. But, did you know Brighton has an impressive beach sports scene to keep you entertained during the summer too? Here are just a few of our favourites.


First up on our list is an activity that is 100% free to all – swimming! You should never underestimate just how totally refreshing and fun it is to take a plunge into the Brighton surf on a gloriously sunny day.

Our award-winning beach is known for attracting tourists from far and wide during summer, but did you know that there are a small number of hardcore locals who like to take a dip in the sea every single day of the year, Christmas day included? We kid you not!

For those who prefer their outdoor swimming experiences a little less tidal, there’s a brand-new outdoor swimming pool set to open on Brighton beach in spring of 2022. The pool will be located on Madeira Drive, right next to Yellowave beach sports centre. Read on for more on this amazing facility.


For the uninitiated, SUP stands for stand up paddleboarding. Not only is it an incredibly fun way to strengthen your core muscles, but it’s also one of the best ways to catch Brighton’s incredible sunsets.  

Beginners can rent an SUP and paddle by the hour from a few locations along the seafront. So, you can rock up to the beach with nothing but your swimsuit, paddle out to the pier and see Brighton beach from a whole new angle.  

Unlike regular surfboards, some SUPs are inflatable. So, if you end up getting hooked on paddleboarding, you can purchase your own from one of Brighton and Hove’s surf shops and still manage to easily find storage space for it in your new student digs!  

Beach Volley Ball 

It may be a pebble beach here in Brighton, but there are still some comfy spots of artificial golden sand for playing volleyball all year round. The first of these can be found on Brighton beach’s lower esplanade, about halfway between our two famous piers.  

During the summer months, you can rent the court by the hour at discounted student rates and take part in some intense (but friendly) contests in front of hundreds of passers-by. 

If you prefer displaying your epic volleyball moves with a little more privacy, then just a fifteen minute walk East of the Palace Pier you’ll find Yellowave sports venue on Maderia Drive. This sporty hideout is the only dedicated beach sports venue of its kind in the UK, with six courts, a café and additional facilities for beach football too! It’s also just across the road from Concorde 2, one of Brighton’s most beloved live music venues. So, you can unwind with a gig after a hard day’s volleying.     


Just a literal stone’s throw from the aforementioned beach volleyball court on the esplanade, you’ll find Brighton Beach Basketball court. This is a top quality outdoor facility for basketball players and spectators alike.  

The court is completely free to use, so just bring a ball or join with a game. If you’re less sporty, but still like to watch a bit of healthy competition at play whilst you sup a drink from one of the nearby beach bars, then there’s a plenty of seating to perch in the sun and watch a game or two.     

Wake Boarding   

Last, but by no means least, it’s the most extreme sport on our list – wakeboarding! Just a half hour’s stroll to the West of Brighton beach, beyond Hove lawns, the King Alfred Leisure Centre and an impressive new bar/restaurant called Rockwater, you’ll find Hove Lagoon – home to Lagoon Watersports. This impressive facility houses a huge, but shallow body of water that’s perfect for beginner-to-intermediate level windsurfing and wake boarding.  

Rather than getting towed along at high speed by a power boat though, this place has a powered zip line to pull you through the water at gradual speeds, allowing you to practice your moves in confidence. There’s even a set of ramps and grind rails for you to carve up once you’re ready catch some air.  

Of course, if you’re not exactly the sporting type, then you can always just kick back and watch all of the above activities from the comfort of your beach towel whilst you recline in the sun. That’s the beauty of Brighton life! 


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