Track of the Week

Alyssa Hoffmann – Special Kind

14th February 2022


This week’s Track of the Week comes from BIMM Institute Hamburg student Alyssa Hoffmann. Her heartfelt lyricism and storytelling take influence from some of the greats, including Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston. 

Check out her latest track, ‘Special Kind’ below!

Describe your new track in three words…

Emotional, beautiful, ambiguous

What inspired you when writing this track?

‘Special Kind’ is a very personal song. It was created during a phase in a very toxic and unhealthy relationship. It tells a story of meeting this kind of person and the toxic dependency that goes along with it.

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?

I grew up listening to the iconic voices of artists like Christina Aguilera and Whitney Houston, so I think they’re always in the back of my mind when I create. However, I always try to make my music as unique and personal as possible.

What would you say makes your music unique?

I have a need to share my own experiences and feelings through my music. I think what’s unique about ‘Special Kind’ itself is how the listener perceives it; whether you perceive it as happily in love or addictive and co-dependant, that all depends on the listener’s perspectives and own experiences.

Do you have a process you follow when writing a song?

The inspiration mainly comes from specific events or feelings that I have an urge to share. I’m most creative late at night, but my process is very impulsive and emotionally driven.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

I love all my teachers and my fellow students. Both have helped me in so many ways,
but they have mainly helped me gain confidence and find structure in music and life. I’ve grown as a musician and a person since attending.

What’s next for you?

I‘ve got more passionate and intimate experiences wrapped up in songs and some of them are fused with Latin rhythms to embrace my Cuban heritage. They are already recorded, mastered and only waiting to be released. I can’t wait to take my listeners on a few more rides of this emotional rollercoaster and allow them to become part of my journey.



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