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Alumni Interview: Zoë Fitzpatrick – Videographer

16th April 2021

Zoë graduated from Screen and Film School Brighton in 2020, having specialised in Directing.

Since then, she’s been working as a freelance videographer. We caught up with her to see what this year has been like for her and to hear about what projects she has been involved in since becoming a Screen and Film School Alumna.

Hi Zoë! What projects have you been involved with since graduating from Screen and Film School, Brighton?

I have spent the last year mostly working in a freelance capacity. Since graduating, I’ve enjoyed working on music videos and freelance videography jobs. I’ve filmed a number of music videos for Late Night Ramblers and Troubadour Distillery Cork – these shoots had to be carefully planned due to COVID restrictions which also meant that I was taking on more roles than usual. This was a challenge but we came up with some innovative ideas because of the restrictions of COVID.

I have worked as an assistant director on Stormtroopers III – which is still in the process of filming due to COVID delays. In my role I worked closely with the Director to ensure that things stayed organised and on time! I also coordinated any coming and going of actors and other deliveries. This was a good experience as there was a really good energy on set and some of the sets and locations were amazing to observe.

What’s the most recent project you were involved with?

I have just finished working on an environmental short film telling the story of a local community fight to keep their harbour clean. This idea is a lockdown baby – I had it in January when work was dry and it’s been a passion project since. I wrote a poetic voiceover, which I worked with an actor to remotely record. I then collected a lot of archival footage and set to work editing. It has been a really nice way to see a narrative develop through the power of editing and spoken word, and I’ve definitely learned more about editing through it.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Screen and Film School?

At Screen and Film School, I learned how to work hard and hold the standard of your work high – even though my work didn’t always come together as I hoped due to mistakes or other circumstances, I still learned a lot through this and how to be grateful for these mistakes and learn from them going forward. I also learned how to problem solve. Even when you think you have no options left – there is always something you can change. Plus, there’s the networking! 

What advice would you offer a current Screen and Film School student?  

Attend the Masterclasses as much as you can – you’ll never get back the opportunity to listen to and learn from some of these people, especially those in areas you’re interested in. They can be really useful connections to make! Even the ones that might not be within your area of specialism can be really useful, as these are individuals who have worked very hard to get where they are and this is the type of energy you need to nurture in yourself. 

I always found myself very motivated after watching a Masterclass. Even if a speaker has specialised in something niche which I don’t plan on pursuing, their motivation and drive is always inspiring to me! 

Another piece of advice would be to think about the feasibility of your ideas, so that you don’t set yourself up for failure. Good ideas are more often on the simpler side, rather than big ideas! You will thank yourself in March when you start shooting your film.  



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