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6 Ways BIMM Personal Tutors Support Students

6th May 2021


One way we’re here for you during your time with us is by providing supportive BIMM Personal Tutors who know what it’s like to be at BIMM Institute. Like all our Personal Tutors, Olivia Judd is here to offer a friendly face and help as you transition into BIMM life. Here, she tells us six ways the Personal Tutor Scheme helps students throughout their time here. 

1) Accommodation Advice

For many students about to start at BIMM, you will most likely be moving away from home to a whole other city or even a completely different country! This can be incredibly overwhelming, and you might wonder where to even begin with looking for somewhere to live.

One of the fantastic things about the Personal Tutor Scheme is that Personal Tutors can help you before you even move to your chosen city and college. This means that you can get advice on good areas to live in, the housing market of your chosen city, and how to find housemates before you make any commitments or put down deposits. – and all from people that have already been through this process.

2) City Guides

Once you’ve moved and settled in, you might have a week or two before your course begins, and Personal Tutors are the perfect City Guides for the life of a BIMM student! Whether you’re looking for a cheap pint, some good grub, or the perfect oat flat white, the Personal Tutors will give you their top tips on where to hang out and explore.

3) Help with BIMM Life

As graduates, the Personal Tutors have been through the BIMM experience themselves, which means they can give advice on all things BIMM and student-living. If you want some tips on how to get into a band, how to get booked for local shows, or even how to release your own music, the Personal Tutors are well-equipped and experienced to answer these important questions, as we’re all very clued up with our local music scene.

On the more mundane side of things, if you would like some budgeting tips on how not to blow your student loan all at once, how to sign up for a Nectar card, or some cheap but nutritional recipes to try out once you’re sick of Pot Noodles, we’ve also got you covered.

4) Advice for Assessments

“Every college has Personal Tutors from all disciplines, meaning that there will always be a graduate who can help you.”

Whether it’s the first or final year of your degree, assessments can become overwhelming and stressful, and the Personal Tutors are here to support you. Every college has Personal Tutors from all disciplines, meaning that there will always be a graduate who can help you. If you’re a songwriter and need some tips on music production and navigating Logic, or if you want some one-on-one guidance with a specific module in the guitar course, the Personal Tutors are here to help.

5) Student Support

Above all else, the Personal Tutors are here to support you alongside BIMM’s Student Support Services. The Personal Tutors are here to guide you throughout your journey at BIMM, whether it’s once or a hundred times during your studies. It’s important to us you never feel alone or isolated, and that there is always help available to you when you might need it. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with assessments, or if you have more personal issues going on, never be afraid to get the help you deserve.

6) Help with Life After BIMM

Another thing that the Personal Tutors are incredibly passionate about is guiding students when they come to the end of their degree. Leaving university can feel very scary, especially if you have been in education for the vast majority of your life. As graduates, we can offer you the best advice on navigating life after BIMM, because we did it, and we survived!

It’s completely understandable if, when coming to the end of your degree, you feel overwhelmed and anxious. But we are here to reassure you that you will be ok, and we can support you as much as you need through this transition into the big wide world!

BIMM Personal Tutors are just one of our many support systems in place to help you get the most out of your time at BIMM Institute, no matter who you are. Find out more about Student Support or our new Access and Participation initiatives


Olivia Judd

Olivia is a Songwriting graduate from BIMM Institute Brighton. She writes and performs under the moniker La Lune.