Why study MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries with Jessica Dyer

22nd June 2021

Teaching in the creative industry is not only a valuable career path but it can also be incredibly rewarding. Studying our MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries can help further nurture your skills and guide you in the right direction, hopefully leading to a full-time, creative industry job.

Sound good? Discover more from current student Jessica Dyer.

What made you choose the MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries?

I chose the MA Learning & Teaching in the Creative Industries for many reasons. I have always wanted to be a teacher and believe education is vital for personal development. But I chose this specific course is because of the university itself and the opportunities involved.

I have never studied at BIMM before, but I’ve always heard such fantastic things about them. So when this course was released, I just knew I had to be involved. I love the fact that this uni teaches with so much creativity and practical freedom. The best thing about BIMM is that they aid and support you so much in the professional world to make sure you are in a career you love (whether in the field of music or not).

Another reason why I chose this course is because of the opportunities the course itself provides. When it comes to teaching courses, especially PGCES, they mainly focus on teaching, but this course offers a range of skills that allow you to step into education in more ways than a teacher. The future opportunities that this course leads to is various and flexible, and incredibly exciting!

What has been your highlight?

There have been so many highlights, from meeting new people to being supported by lecturers to gaining a new job at BIMM. Overall though, my two most significant highlights were my work placement and my dissertation.

My work placement has led to many different opportunities to support me professionally and direct me to a career. My mentor was fantastic and always so supportive in everything that I do, always challenging me to take new opportunities and providing constructive feedback to help improve my teaching skills.

The dissertation was something I was genuinely terrified of when starting the masters, and it was the thing that discouraged me from stepping back into education for so long, as I have never seen myself as an academic and struggled with my undergrad. BIMM was able to offer so much support to help me succeed in this area and push me to be creative and practical during my research project. Now I am walking away with an exciting research project and future opportunities.

How have you found the course overall?

I have found the course to be completely transformational. I have had expectations for this course about my professional development and my skills as a teacher. Still, I have never experienced as much personal development as I have. This year has been challenging, so changes were inevitable, but I feel like I am walking away more self-aware of who I am as a person, and I can see my growth and know the steps that I need to take to proceed with that self-awareness and growth.

I got to learn these fantastic frameworks and skills that will help me develop as an educator, but overall I get more than that. I get to focus on myself as a person and what I value.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of studying the MA?

My advice for anyone thinking about an MA, let alone this specific course is to experience as much as you can. Be present and be engaged; whether that engagement is minimal, just present in that moment and reflect on that experience. These moments will help you develop as a person and challenge yourself to improve and expand. Plus, when it comes to course, especially MA, we have many expectations that we have to act a certain way, but just take a step back and take the entire journey.

I wish you all the best on whatever course you have chosen, and I hope that your experience with BIMM will be transformational.