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Who What Why : Oli Barton

25th June 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

For me, Thundercat’s album was incredible. Such a range and breadth of material. Alongside that, there is absolutely no way that I can’t mention Stormzy who is absolutely killing it at the moment. It’s incredible and breathtaking to see how the grime revival is breaking the music industry and creating a great multicultural scene.

What do I love about London?

I love how grey it is. It’s simply grey, the houses are grey, the weather is grey and most of all the people are all going grey. There’s something to be said about the attractiveness of the mundane.

Why songwriting?

Well I can’t play drums, my guitar hand is slow and although I rival Adele for vocal amplification and range, songwriting seemed like something that could really create a career. I needed to learn about the business so that I can spend my days, as I do now, rolling around on my solid gold bed, bathing in my millions.