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Who What Why : Jumanji

12th April 2017

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It’s BIMM Brighton band Jumanji! Here they are talking about their BIMM Experience…

Who are you listening to?

Neneh: Lorde
Aaron: The Amazons
Jonty: You Me At Six
Joe: Ed Sheeran
Nate: Sundara Karma

What do you love about Brighton?

The quirkiness of the city, the different kinds of people you meet each day, there is always something on, how non-judgemental everyone is, the freedom of it, and the buzz of the town!

Why did you choose your course?

Neneh: I wanted to hear lots of different music. (Songwriting)
Aaron: I wanted to be able to produce my own music. (Live Sound and Tour Management)
Jonty: I like working with other bands and producing music. (Music Production)
Joe: I want to be a promoter (Live Sound and Tour Management)
Ben: I wanted to learn more about the live music industry (Live Sound and Tour Management)
Nate: I just love playing guitar. (Professional Musicianship)


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