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Who What Why: Chrissie Huntley

14th March 2019

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to a lot of different things depending on what I’m doing lately. I’ve been listening to Chet Baker a lot in the mornings when I’m getting ready- I don’t think there’s any other voice I’d rather wake up to! I’ve also been recently introduced to Nils Frahm and Kruangbin which I think make for perfect study music as all the songs I’ve come across so far are lyricless. Otherwise, I’ve had Scary Pockets funk covers on repeat when I’m either in town or on the bus! They have incredible guest vocalists such as India Carney and Kenton Chen, who I just can’t get enough of.

What do you love about Bristol?

I love how diverse, welcoming, colourful and beautiful it is. It’s such a creative city and the music scene in particular is so rich, eclectic and full of talent, as well as being super close-knit and supportive. There are so many gorgeous venues, cafes and bars in the city centre and around the Harbourside, but equally you’re never too far from a green open space to go on a walk or a bike ride to get away from the hustle and bustle. To me (other than all the hills)- it’s basically the perfect city!

Why Vocals?

I was torn between the vocals and songwriting course as I was keen to improve my technique, but also keen to work on my songwriting. I went for vocals in the end as I knew that I could still write songs outside of the remit of my course through collaborating with people on the guitar/drums/bass courses. I write lyrics and melodies, but I don’t play any instruments, so I think I may have found the songwriting course a bit challenging to keep up with.

I think this was the right choice as my technique needed more attention, and if I ever need any feedback on my songs I can simply book a tutorial with a songwriting tutor or get feedback during auditions, so I feel like I’m not completely missing out!