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Who What Why : Anna Stephens

5th September 2017

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Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’m listening to Portishead again, to the debut album ‘Dummy’ – my favorite song is Roads, which always lulls me into a blissful trance. I can’t get enough of Rosie Lowe either – she’s a UK-based artist who writes in an alternative R&B style. She has a host of very sexy tunes – sexy because it’s understated with clever lyrics and a vocal that is powerful without being brash. Lorde’s new record Melodrama is also really inspiring me to combine piano with electro and dub elements. The album is based around the concept of losing track of who you are through too much partying.

What do you love about Manchester?

I love The Wonder Inn, where I recently started working, because it sums up everything I hoped Manchester would be when I moved here a year ago. This place describes itself as ‘a creative wellness centre’ and it is housed in a formerly-derelict listed building on the outskirts of the Northern Quarter. You can do reggae yoga, drink very nice gin cocktails, go to jazz night on a Monday, or come share a couple tunes yourself on a Wednesday for the open-mic.

Why your Songwriting Diploma?

I wanted to meet people like me who get a buzz from songwriting and who are serious about a career in music. The course itself has taught me the skills I need to be able to turn ideas into fully developed songs with effective arrangements. I also got to discover the advantages of writing with others. I’m lucky to have met Alfie at BIMM – now he and I are songwriting partners in crime.

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