Vincent Mongay: How Music Made Me

13th May 2021

As part of our Music Made Us campaign, Vincent Mongay, a third-year Music Business student in Brighton, explores his musical journey. Vincent discusses his experiences, moving from Paris to Brighton and altering the gender imbalance in the music industry.

As a kid, I was mainly influenced by my relatives. While my parents shared their love for soul, blues, and jazz, I listened to a lot of hip-hop and electronic music with my friends. Growing up in Paris allowed me to experience so much, like going from the Louvre to the Rex Club (underground techno club). French culture is vibrant and broad. There is just so much to discover.

“Right now, the only thing to do is listen to music.”

Before Covid, I was regularly attending gigs, festivals and exhibitions. But right now, the only thing to do is listen to music.

I would say that my musical tastes are pretty varied. In the morning, I like to listen to lo-fi beats, jazz and folk music. In the afternoon, some hip-hop, progressive RnB, and soul or disco tunes. Finally, at night, I’ll delve into the world of electronic music, going from soft house to acid techno.

Making a Home in Brighton

Moving from Paris to Brighton was the best decision I have ever made. It allowed me to discover a new culture, live incredible experiences and meet extraordinary people. England as a whole also has a vibrant culture, especially in terms of music. Brighton is unique. The city hosts many artists, musicians, performers, and industry professionals mixing so many diverse influences. This makes Brighton a very dynamic music scene in both recorded and live music industries.

The city is so relaxed and open-minded. Honestly, there are plenty of different areas with specific vibes, like the pier or the Lanes. Overall, I would say that it sets an amazing context to create content and connect with others.

Thoughts on the Industry

It has always amazed me how diverse the UK music industry is. There are just so many amazing artists from the past to present times that keep inspiring others through their music. From Freddie Mercury and Amy Winehouse to Dua Lipa, Jorja Smith, and Skepta, there are so many musical universes to explore. I believe the UK industry can be proud of its diversity.

“I just want to see artists use more of their influence to tackle challenging issues like gender equality.”

I genuinely hope that we will get over the pandemic as soon as possible so that things can get back to normal. Then, I hope to see upcoming artists getting more involved in what they believe. It is cool to release incredible original music; I just want to see artists use more of their influence to tackle challenging issues like gender equality and environmental problems, etc. And obviously, I aspire to work with them on it, helping them spread positive thoughts and messages.

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