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Take the Stage – Adam Hilton, Performers College

17th June 2024

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Take the Stage is our series where we catch up with graduates from our Performing Arts schools, Performers College, ICTheatre, and Northern Ballet School. This week we’re catching up with Adam Hilton, choreographer, movement director, and Performers College graduate on what he’s been up to since graduating.

What is an average day like in your current role?

I have been working as an Associate Choreographer/Movement Director for ‘The Choir of Man’ since 2022. What this means is I teach and install the show both in the UK and abroad, on occasions where the original choreographer is not available. Most recently I facilitated the cast change of the show at the Arts Theatre in London’s West End.

Because the show has already been created my job is to pass on information accurately to each new cast I work with, as well as make any minor adjustments to the show’s blocking should the need arise due to different performance spaces and/or cast members with specific needs. Above all, it’s about ensuring that the standard of the show is met and can be maintained throughout the duration of the run.

As the new cast in London has now opened, I am no longer needed to attend everyday as I did during the month of rehearsals, so I am now on call to help with any extra rehearsals or cover runs for our swings as well as being an emergency standby for one of the roles in the show myself.

What is your top advice to current students and other up-and coming performers?

KEEP IT SIMPLE! Our industry is a difficult one, but our approach to it doesn’t need to be complicated. ‘Work hard and be kind’ would be what I encourage everyone to try and apply to all situations. People who are hard workers, good company members and generally nice people to be around will find it easier to sustain a career working in our industry. In my opinion, this is what it means to be to be a ‘professional’ and I have been lucky enough to find myself in a position to return to work for the same Directors and companies regularly throughout the five-plus years since my first contract. I think this is largely down to implementing that ideal.

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Why is collaboration important in creative industries, and what would your number one collaboration tip be?

Collaboration is so important in every area of our industry! Although each role from the Director to the Ensemble has a very specific part to play in making a show happen, it is also important to have collaboration across these, and every other role, to make a show happen.

I think that when working collaboratively it is important to remember that there is no such thing as a bad idea. If you are ever asked for your opinion, then it is better to give something than to give nothing. Even though your idea may not be what is eventually used in the scenario, it may help drive the creative conversation forwards. Don’t ever take it personally or allow yourself to be discouraged if this happens, remember the creative process is never a straight line and your suggestions and input may have more of an impact than you might think. Always be polite with your ideas – never dismiss anyone else’s input, and always remind yourself that you are all working towards making the show the best it can be.

What is your biggest take away from your time at Performers College?

My time at Performers College taught me to enjoy the process, and exercise patience – including remembering to enjoy rehearsals leading up to a show, rather than just focusing on the show itself.

I learned it can be useful to discover your weaknesses and work to improve on them. Sometimes that can be a particular dance step, or maybe a particular style, or sometimes even an entire discipline – but recognising that means you know what to work on to improve yourself as a performer.

Since leaving I’ve learned a lot of brand-new skills specifically for some contracts and the mindset that I built during my time at college helped me on these occasions. It helped me to adapt and adjust when I began to work more on the creative side of the industry.

Adam directs a cast member on stage in choir of man

What are you up to next?

I will be continuing to work with ‘Choir of Man’ in the future with some more rehearsal and install processes later on this year. As well as some other exciting potential projects on the horizon (that I can’t talk about just yet!) In the meantime, I’m grateful to be able to return to Performers now and then to teach classes and work with some of my previous mentors on upcoming projects for the college.

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