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Seamus McGarvey hosts multi-campus masterclass

28th November 2023

Imagine diving into a world where collaboration isn’t just encouraged, it’s the beating heart of your university experience. That’s the ethos of BIMM University: when students start their creative education journeys, they enter a community where collaboration knows no bounds.

With campuses in Birmingham, Brighton, Dublin, Essex, London, Bristol, Manchester, and Berlin, students have the chance to connect with like-minded individuals studying a variety of creative artforms. This interconnected community becomes a melting pot of creative energy, where ideas flow seamlessly across geographical distances.

The significance of this broader creative network cannot be overstated. It goes beyond the conventional silos of disciplines, bringing together students from performing arts, music, film, and video games. At BIMM University, it’s not about staying in your lane; it’s about immersing yourself in a world of creative energy where ideas reach across borders.

Collaborative cross-campus masterclasses

One shining example of this collaborative ethos is shown in BIMM University’s multi-campus masterclasses. Recently, award-winning cinematographer Seamus McGarvey hosted a live-streamed masterclass, reaching over 80 students from different campuses and cities. This event was about more than absorbing knowledge; it was a dynamic platform for students to engage directly with an industry legend, fostering a sense of unity among our aspiring filmmakers.

What our staff and students say

Don’t just take our word for it. Angelique Jacquet, Careers Manager at BIMM University Berlin, couldn’t contain her excitement:

“Being able to attend this masterclass was a brilliant learning opportunity for the BIMM University Berlin Filmmaking students! The livestream allowed them to interact with Seamus directly, which they took full advantage of. Being able to learn from industry leaders, as well as their peers at other BIMM University campuses, is something our students look forward to doing more often.”

It’s not about sitting in a traditional classroom; it’s about direct access to industry leaders, breaking down barriers, and absorbing knowledge like a creative sponge.

Seamus McGarvey himself shared some pearls of wisdom with the new generation of filmmakers. “Look at the world around you. Take inspiration from every art form,” he urged. At BIMM University, creativity isn’t confined to cinema, and neither should our students’ inspiration.

At BIMM University, collaboration isn’t just a value but the essence of creative life. It’s about connecting with global creatives, tearing down walls, and building a network that spans the globe. BIMM University is more than just a school; it’s a vibrant community ensuring you receive a top-notch education while rubbing shoulders with industry giants. Whether you’re starting your creative education journey at Screen and Film School, BIMM Music Institute, ICTheatre or Performers College, get ready to unlock your potential. The stage is yours, and the world is your canvas.


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