Meet the Industry Partner: Dice Productions Entertainment, Birmingham

30th March 2022

We’ve introduced you to two brilliant Industry Partners from our Brighton and Manchester campuses already in this series, so naturally we’re moving to the Midlands and to Screen and Film School Birmingham for this third instalment.

Our Digbeth-based school has made huge strides in the local area when it comes to industry engagement and sourcing opportunities for our students, all within their first year of teaching. We’re fortunate enough to have a number of high-profile college patrons, as well as a long list of diverse, brilliant companies that we can call upon as industry partners. The first of these that we would like to introduce you to is Dice Productions Entertainment, a company which is co-owned by our superstar patron – Big Narstie.

Dice Productions Entertainment is an independent and award-winning two-pronged establishment that encompasses the Dice Recordings record label in conjunction with the television production division, Dice Productions Entertainment. It was founded by CEO’s Kevin Obi Akudike and Nathan Brown in the year 2000. Artists under the Dice record label include Big Narstie, KS Ldn, Still Greedy, Chupz, Marsh DBoss, Max Heet, Spookzville, Xaviour, Natasha Boon and King Thriller.

2005 was a pivotal year for Dice, as they signed artist MC Narstie, better known today as Big Narstie, and now a Dice Recordings artist of some 15 years. Big Narstie is a prolific British MC, author, rapper, singer, songwriter, comedian, and an award-winning television presenter. He calls Dice founders Kevin and Nathan as his business partners, having joined the team, and they became industry partners of Screen and Film School Birmingham at the same time that the famous television personality became a patron.

From a television perspective, in 2006 Dice expanded their banner when they entered into the realm of television production. They played an instrumental part in making Channel 4’s British television series Dubplate Drama with Luke Hyams (Head of YouTube originals), which led Dice to release their film London State of Mind in 2007.

When asked to discuss this brilliant association between Dice and the Film School, the co-founder Kevin Obi Akudike had this to say:

“The youth of today will be tomorrow’s leaders, so it is important we support and make sure their voices, opinions and creativity are never suppressed.”

For a voice from inside the Film School, Natalie Edwards who is Head of Careers and Partnerships, is full of praise for this partnership and the benefits to our students:

“It’s essential to have successful creative entrepreneurs, filmmakers and musicians as industry partners at Screen and Film School Birmingham. Dice is a BAFTA-winning production company, co-owned by black men from a working-class background that create exceptional content for large UK audiences. The students need to see what success can be; no matter where you are from, there is a place in the screen industry for you, if you have a drive and passion.”

This partnership is blossoming and whilst it is still in its infancy, we look forward to watching on as the people behind Dice begin to interact with and mentor our young students in Birmingham. Shining a spotlight on our first industry partner from Screen and Film School Birmingham rounds off the first run in this series, we’ll be heading back to Brighton next week as we explore another film production company and tell their story.



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