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It’s your future: Lauren

15th July 2024

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In the halls of Performers College, Lauren’s journey through the world of Musical Theatre and Dance is a testament to passion, perseverance, and the pursuit of dreams.

“I’m currently studying Musical Theatre and Dance here at Performers College in Birmingham. I’ve always had a passion for performing. When I was younger, I started with dance and gymnastics, but it wasn’t until later that musical theatre truly captured my heart. Originally, I had my sights set on becoming a lawyer, planning to study law with French. However, lockdown changed everything. Zoom classes replaced traditional schooling, and I found myself gravitating towards dance more than ever. I made the bold decision to forego returning to school and instead pursued my dream, attending Dance Point in Glasgow for my HNC in dance. That’s when I auditioned for Performers College, and here I am.”

Triple Threat – Adaptabilty and keeping your options open

What I love most about this course is its triple-threat approach. I thrive on the diversity it offers—from commercial dance to musical theatre and singing. It’s about finding harmony between these disciplines without limiting myself to just one. My dream is to graduate knowing I’ve performed on a cruise ship with a musical or danced at events like the Brit Awards. The opportunities here are so broad, allowing us to explore and grow in different areas.

I believe it’s crucial to keep your options open. Initially focused on commercial dance, I quickly learned not to box myself in. This training is invaluable, teaching us that dedication and passion can lead to success across all aspects of musical theatre. It’s essential to explore every opportunity because you never know where it might take you. For instance, I never imagined myself on a cruise ship, but now it seems like an exciting chance to travel and perform.

Early influences to dream roles

My journey into musical theatre was greatly influenced by my parents, whose unwavering support and commitment to taking me to dance classes shaped my path. Their encouragement meant everything to me. I also had a memorable workshop with Christina Grade, who emphasised the importance of standing out during auditions. Her advice stuck with me, encouraging me to find that unique quality that captivates an audience.

In terms of dream roles, being part of Mamma Mia! has been a lifelong dream, whether in the ensemble or as a dance captain. I also dream of working for Disney as a princess and performing in iconic musicals like Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Hairspray. Beyond musicals, I’m drawn to commercial work and the thrill of backing dancers for artists or gracing stages like the Brit Awards. Ultimately, I aspire to become an agent and support others in their artistic journeys.

Our Grad show was a huge highlight

Here at Performers, the highlight was our recent grad show, Magic, directed by Richard Peakman. I had the privilege of being a featured dancer, vocalist, and dance captain. One of my favourite performances was a piece inspired by Hocus Pocus called ‘I Put a Spell on You’. The intensity and fun we experienced during rehearsals and on stage made all the hard work worthwhile.

I do suffer from nerves before a performance. But once I’m on stage, everything falls into place. It’s all about muscle memory and fully immersing myself in the moment. Our grad show was especially emotional as it marked the end of dancing together with my classmates, a realisation that hit us all.

Looking to the future

Looking ahead, graduation signals a new chapter for me. I plan to return home, audition, and hopefully secure representation with an agency. I’m eager to add to my CV, whether it’s a panto or my first professional role in shows like Mamma Mia!, Dirty Dancing, Grease, or Hairspray. In the long term, I envision myself working for Disney, delving into commercial opportunities, and eventually settling in Australia.

Ambition is key in this industry. It’s essential to believe in yourself and your unique journey while supporting others in theirs. Each path is different, and maintaining that drive through challenges is crucial. Stay focused on your goals and never underestimate your worth.

Life at Performers College Birmingham

Moving to Birmingham was initially daunting, but I quickly found my stride. Living with wonderful flatmates for three years eased the transition. Birmingham itself is vibrant and well-connected, making it easy to explore or head home to London when needed. While leaving will be bittersweet, I’m grateful for the growth and experiences I’ve gained here.

Throughout my time at Performers, I’ve felt incredibly supported by both faculty and peers. As a first-year group, we’ve worked hard to prove ourselves and forge strong bonds. It’s a nurturing environment that I’ll miss dearly as I move forward.

To future students at Performers College, my advice is simple: soak it all in. Embrace every opportunity, absorb every lesson, and cherish every moment. These years will fly by, so make the most of them. Push yourself beyond your limits and savour the journey—it’s all part of the incredible experience.”

As Lauren prepares to embark on the next stage of her journey, her time at Performers College stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and artistic passion.

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