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ICTheatre’s Abbie Bruce on Filming Acting For Camera at Screen and Film School

29th January 2024

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Hi there! I’m Abbie Bruce and I’m a 3rd year Acting for the 21st Century pathway student at ICTheatre Manchester.

While at ICTheatre, I have collaborated with Screen and Film School on a short film called Collided, and recently had the opportunity to film my scene for the Acting For Camera module using the facilities and staff at Screen and Film School.

Filming the Acting for Camera module at Screen and Film School

Being from Leeds and having a flair for drama, I decided to choose a sister duologue from the TV show Ackley Bridge, as it was filmed around where my scene partner and I are from – I thought it would be fitting to choose something we felt personally connected to. The shoot day itself was the most fun part because I was able to bring everything I had learnt with the director Lisa Moore onto an actual set and just play. The aim of the Acting for Camera module is for us to learn more about what to expect as actors on a typical Film/TV shoot and help us become more used to professional direction from a working industry actor.

I also learnt more about the various roles on a video shoot, and I wasn’t afraid to get stuck in. I also had the opportunity to step behind the camera and assist on sound, and putting myself in that situation allowed me to understand more about the crew and the work they do to make the final product so magical on the big screen. By the end of that shoot, I had very strong arms from holding a boom mic, which is another bonus!

Harvey and Finn from Screen and Film School were incredible, and always had the most amazing energy. They made everyone feel listened to and supported, which is important because it gave me confidence in a new environment. This helped me to be my authentic self rather than getting caught up in the urge to impress new people. Collaborating with Harvey and Finn on this module, and the environment we created, has given me a sense of freedom in my abilities – I feel like I’m able to ask questions without the fear of looking silly, because I have that support.

It’s super valuable for aspiring actors to get as much experience as possible in front of the camera, and being able to use the facilities at Screen and Film School was brilliant. Being able to take full advantage of the equipment and expert staff is something I will always be grateful for as it made the finished product the best quality. This added benefit really added to my ICTheatre experience.

Getting involved in other short film projects with Screen and Film School students

I saw a few posters around the ICTheatre from Screen and Film School students advertising casting sessions and was immediately interested, so I got in touch with a producer which led to an interview and audition. The short film, Collided, was about an LGBTQIA+ love journey between two women and the individual struggles they face together. It was intimate, soft, and required trust to create. I can still remember how comfortable it felt when shooting due to how professional everyone was.

The benefits of working with students and staff from Screen and Film School

The people that I have met at Screen and Film School have been so friendly and confident; they all have a common passion for their craft and take pride in their work. Being around that vibrant energy is uplifting, and really inspires me to be the best version of myself. Another benefit is that you get to make valuable connections and learn from new people. We are all learning together, and that really helps us create these strong bonds when working on projects.

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The importance of collaboration in the creative industries

Collaboration is important because almost all acting projects involve working as a team. I’ll always be interacting with directors, camera operators, stage managers, writers and more, so collaborative working is a necessary skill.

The other reason I think it’s important to collaborate is the networking opportunities. You never know where the short films, shows and projects at BIMM University could lead. In my own experience, I now have connections with upcoming film and TV creatives and could potentially work with them again in our post-university careers. I’m grateful that I’ve allowed myself to be open to these new opportunities during my time here, and not let fear get in my way – and if I can do it, you can do it too!

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