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Hollie Sackett talks creativity, collaboration, and LDN Magazine

12th December 2023


At the heart of BIMM University is a thriving community of creatives who share a passion for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. Whether you’re a musician, filmmaker, game developer, or performer, you’ll find a place to apply and extend your specialism in our dynamic community.

‘Together We Create’ isn’t just a slogan – it’s a living testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the BIMM experience. It’s about forging connections, amplifying ideas, and bringing dreams to life through collective effort.

We spoke to Hollie Sackett, a Music Marketing, Media and Communications graduate and LDN Magazine editor, who studied at BIMM Music Institute London.

LDN Magazine HollIie Sackett quote

I’m Hollie and I’m from London. I grew up being an avid music fan and have been involved with the creative industries since I was 14, after attending the BRIT School. I have been part of many music projects since then that have been helping to showcase new talent, while also celebrating the history and influence of musicians over the years.

I have done a little bit of everything, including journalism, producing mini-documentaries, and managing artists. More recently, I’ve been interning at a record label and a PR company, as well as working on LDN Magazine. I have recently graduated from BIMM London, having studied Music Marketing, Media and Communications.

The importance of collaboration in the creative industries

Collaboration is incredibly important in the creative industries because it depends on a culture of teamwork. To develop your career and work your way up, you rely heavily on the people around you; a lot of the time, you have skills that another person needs, while someone else will have skills that you require.

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I feel that the future of collaboration has more opportunities than ever. Thanks to social media, you are able to reach out to pretty much anywhere in the world, and it’s much easier to stay in contact with people who you have met once or twice. For example, there are people who I collaborated with when I was 14 that I am still in contact with and still work with.

Working on LDN Magazine

Working on LDN Magazine has been a lot of fun. It’s a great place to share what you are passionate about, from a review of a gig that just blew you away or a band you have recently found that you want to share with everyone. It’s also not just music-focused but also incorporates wider popular culture, such as films and books, as well as recommendations for places to visit in London.

It is also an excellent way to showcase what BIMM University has to offer. This means you get to speak to students and lecturers that you would not usually mingle with day to day, and to share their stories about what BIMM means to them.

My favourite part of the magazine’s creation process was the chance to share the things I was passionate about and being given the freedom to express my opinion. Additionally, it has been really good learning about what other people at BIMM do and sharing their stories.

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