Track of the Week

Green Heart Ensemble – Home Again

13th December 2021


This week, Track of the Week is something of a special one.

Earlier this year, BIMM Bristol Student Association, The Women’s Collective, went on a songwriting retreat. The product of the retreat was Green Heart Ensembles release ‘Home Again’.

We caught up with them about the track.

Describe your new track in three words…

Nourishing, Collaborative, Wholesome.

How did the Green Heart Ensemble come about?

Anna Anise: It was born from this summer’s songwriting retreat, an unplugged camping event in the countryside with a group of students from BIMM Institute Bristol.

Em Jane: It was super lovely to get together with other female songwriters and share our experiences and knowledge, giving us all an opportunity to grow and create together.

How did you approach the track with 16 Songwriters involved?

Ruby Phyall-Davis: I enjoyed this part of the project. Using this technique that Anna introduced, we created a BEAUTIFUL collaborative work using groups of twos, then fours and then smushing it all together to create this piece. I feel so heard when I listen to this song as I can hear the tiny parts of all of the little songs.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as songwriters?

Holly Eve: We’ve grown in so many ways. I have learnt how to really appreciate and share ideas within a group. I’m a much better collaborator now than I was before.

Would you do it again?

Eve Appleton: We built important kinship in the short time we spent together at the retreat. To spend time, and sing together, was a great recognition of the solid and safe relationships we created in a few days that have undoubtedly grown stronger since.

Rosie Giblett: The feeling of support and togetherness was almost overwhelming; the retreat felt emotionally important and was something everyone deserves to experience

You can discover more about the Songwriting retreat on the BIMM Bristol Student Association YouTube Channel.