Track of the Week

Cat – baby, blue

28th June 2021


This is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. BIMM Dublin‘s Cat has a catchy alt-pop sound that’s the perfect soundtrack to your summer. Listen now to her latest release ‘baby, blue’ and discover more about the track below.

What was your inspiration when you began writing ‘baby, blue’?

The inspiration behind writing this track was to create a lighthearted breakup song that was more tongue in cheek than anything else. I really wanted to get across a relaxed vibe more so than a serious tone, especially coming up towards the summer!

Are there any artists that inspire you when writing?

I take a lot of inspiration from different artists. For instance, I’m massively into lyrics so I love Florence and the Machine Paul Simon and Van Morrison. In terms of production and sounds, I really love Gaga, Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Skrillex.

What is key to your sound and how do you make your music stand out?

In terms of standing out, I like to have a lot of my character come out of my music, especially with my ad-libs and personal touches on production, which I do working closely with my favourite producer, Viscose.

How does your songwriting process work?

Well, usually I’ll create the bones of a top-line by myself and then I’ll bring the rest into the mix with Viscose. Usually, there’s a lot of messing around and laughing, but that’s how we get the best sounds.

Describe your sound in 3 words…

Sophisticated, creative and eccentric.

How has studying at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

I would say that studying at BIMM has been amazing for the networking, and training you how to work in different environments, which is really important as a musician in the industry these days. If it wasn’t for BIMM, I wouldn’t have met Viscose, so I’m very grateful for being able to study there. All of these things went towards shaping me as an artist and still do.

What’s next for you?

To be honest, I don’t know, I’m excited to see what the future brings. I think that the market for LGBTQ+ musicians is getting bigger and bigger and I look forward to seeing where I end up!

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