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Brighton Round-Up – June 2021

9th July 2021

Summer is finally upon us! The sun is finally making a break for it and it’s time to enjoy the nicer weather, have a few drinks on the beach and remember what it feels like to leave the house. In case you need a hand with that, here’s a bit of what’s going on around Brighton to keep you busy.


Term Has Ended

Can you believe this academic year is over already? Time has flown by (even with that last lockdown that seemed to last forever…) and now it’s time to stretch those legs and enjoy some real life. Pat yourselves on the back after all the work you’ve done, and make sure you head to a pub at some point and have a drink on me – you deserve to celebrate!


Restrictions lifting completely?

This is it (apparently). This is the month that all of our distancing restrictions get lifted, and we can go back to ‘normal’ life. Personally, I’m not sure we’re there yet, but the vaccine rollout is going well – so there’s definitely light at the end of the tunnel! We should find out officially on Monday 14th after I’ve written this, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Brighton Fringe

As I mentioned last month, Brighton Fringe is and well and truly underway! The event has launched without a hitch, and audience’s all over Brighton are getting to enjoy live theatre and celebrate our wonderful arts community. Whether you’re drinking at The Warren’s Offshore Cove Bar or watching a production in the Rialto Theatre, there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy, and you should head down and support our venues while you can.

Thinking of catching a show, but not sure where to start? Here’s a list of some of the productions on my list to go and see before they close:


  • Do The Thing: The Made-Up Musical – A Fringe favourite from the past two years, a night of entertainment that is completely made up on the spot! A guaranteed laugh, grab tickets when you can because they sell out fast.|
  • Privates: Great Ideas By Geniuses – A show about the discoveries that changed the world, by people who know nothing. The reviews don’t lie, these are a funny bunch – belly laughter will ensue at this show!
  • Notflix – Another improvised musical comedy, this all-female cast will perform improvisations of your favourite films; with lots of singing of course.
  • Ben Hart: Live – Britain’s Got Talent finalist Ben Hart is here to wow us with his magic and leave us breathless for more. Hold on to your hats, this one might blow you away!
  • Clean: The Musical – Clean tells the story of Brighton women working in the Laundry Hill area, going back as far as 1870 to explore their stories and celebrate women’s resilience and sisterhood. A good one for those who’ve been missing real-life musical theatre like me.


The Theatre Royal

One of our most famous theatre venues in Brighton reopened its doors on the 26th, after having to postpone several shows due to our current climate. Hopefully this time they can open, and stay open! We miss you theatre.


Re-opening Events

If things all go to plan, we’re going to have some pretty amazing reopening events to attend this month. Concorde 2 are planning a Midnight reopening party, plus seafront club Shoosh has arranged Together Beach Festival, to celebrate being able to dance together again! There will be plenty of events to enjoy when Brighton opens up this month, so make sure to grab your tickets early to celebrate our freedom.

Summer in Brighton is second to none, so make sure you make the most of the good weather while you can. Even a trip to the beach is a guaranteed good day out! Wish you lived in Brighton to experience all this fun? Take a look at our courses here, and make the steps to join the #ICTheatreMovement


Author: Charley Morgan, ICTheatre Graduate 2020


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