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BIMM University and Creative UK: Paving the Path for Creative Futures

2nd January 2024

BIMM University has officially become a member of Creative UK. This partnership marks a significant step forward for the university, strengthening its commitment to fostering a vibrant and nurturing environment for students pursuing creative careers, and paving the way for an exciting collaboration that is set to benefit BIMM University students.

Chris Slesser at Creative UK had this to say about the news:

“We’re extremely excited to welcome BIMM University to Creative UK. Creative UK is the independent membership body for the UK’s creative and cultural industries; a vibrant network of thousands of creators, business leaders and change-makers, spanning all creative sub-sectors across the UK. By working together, we’ve joined a national conversation to cultivate a world where creativity is championed, valued and nurtured.”

How does Creative UK impact BIMM students?

One of the key highlights of this partnership is that BIMM students gain access to their own member portal within Creative UK. This portal offers industry-specific guidance, resources, and events tailored to help them kickstart their creative careers. It’s a treasure trove of opportunities for students to gain insights, build networks, and chart a course towards a successful future in the creative world.

This partnership underscores the importance of collaboration within the creative industries. By joining forces with Creative UK, BIMM University is not only enhancing the learning experience for its students but also contributing to the broader vision of a future where creativity is cherished. This collaboration is a testament to the shared belief that by working together, we can create a brighter future for the creative industries and the talented individuals who fuel its growth.

Supporting the creative talents of tomorrow

For BIMM, this partnership is not just about enhancing educational opportunities; it’s about forging connections and supporting the creative talents of tomorrow. The University’s involvement with Creative UK is a powerful affirmation of its commitment to nurturing the creative minds that will shape the future of the industry.

As BIMM University and Creative UK continue to work together, we can expect to see a steady stream of innovative initiatives, meaningful connections, and an even more enriched learning environment for the next generation of creative professionals. This partnership is not just a step in the right direction; it’s a giant leap towards a future where creativity thrives.


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