The 16 Best Music Podcasts to Listen to During Lockdown

20th April 2020

Our new NoticeBORED series is here to keep you busy and your brain active with all things music-related throughout this lockdown period. So far, we’ve had some stellar recommendations from BIMM staff and students for the best music documentaries to watch. Now, we’re onto the 16 best music podcasts to entertain our ears during these unusual times.

1) And the Writer Is…

Want to know more about the songwriters behind your favourite hits by the likes of Maroon 5, Justin Bieber and more? Then look no further. Hosted by multi-platinum songwriter Josh Golan, this music podcast focuses on a different songwriter every week and intimately discusses what happens behind the music industry’s closed doors. Our very own alumni James Bay also joins Josh for Episode 70.

Plus, while lockdown is in place, they’re checking in with songwriters to see how the current crisis is affecting their writing process and daily lives.

Find out more and take a listen here.

2) Art of the Score

Fancying a different area of music to explore? Art of the Score explores how music is made to add that perfect level of drama, a pinch of ambience or a whole lot of tension in movies, TV and video games.

Hosted by Andrew Pogson, Dan Golding and Nicholas Buc, each episode focuses on a different soundtrack, artist or era, such as The Empire Strikes Back, Blade Runner, Harry Potter and more.

Find out more here.

3) Creative Juice

If you’re needing a bit of life-affirmation, Creative Juice is here to help. Music professionals, industry veterans, independent musicians and music marketers give you an insight into how they’ve brought their projects to fruition and helped their passion come to life. It also takes you inside what’s working now at the cutting-edge of music marketing.

Listen on Apple Podcasts.

4) Drummer’s Resource by Nick Ruffini

One for drummers, this music podcast interviews artists, provides career advice and gives tips and information for anyone interested in pursuing a path as part of the crucial rhythm section.

Available here.

5) Inside the Music Industry Podcast by BIMM Institute

Of course, we couldn’t not sneak our own music podcast into the list. BIMM’s ITMI (Inside the Music Industry) podcast pulls back the curtain on today’s music business. Hosted by acclaimed best-selling author and industry legend Dr Jennifer Otter Bickerdike, ITMI discusses, challenges and answers the big questions in music.

Past guests have included Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na, DJ Yoda, Orono Noguchi from Superorganism and Jeremy Pritchard from Everything Everything.

Available on Podbean.

6) KORG MicroKAST Podcast

This is the UK’s N0.1 award-winning KORG podcast. All things keys, technology and more are discussed in this music podcast. Or, as they themselves, describe it: “Three guys talking about gear, games, films, Ferris wheels, trivia and history…and rayguns.”

Available to listen to here.

7) Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast

Known as the UK’s Biggest Music Interview Podcast, the Slacker podcast sees Phil Taggart grill a new guest or band on their musical journey. He’s not afraid to dive as deep into the vaults as possible to unearth early demos and anecdotes.

Each episode, you’ll find out just how each artist has arrived to where they are today. Past guests include Jimmy Eat World, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon, Christine + The Queens, Fatboy Slim and our very own alumni, Fontaines D.C.

Available on Apple Podcasts.

8) Reply All: The Case of the Missing Hit

Reply All, the popular podcast about internet culture is 158 episodes down. However, it’s its 158th episode in particular that has taken the web by storm and helped people find solace in the middle of a global pandemic.

In The Case of the Missing Hit episode, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman share the story of a California filmmaker, Tyler Gillet, who can recall part of an old Nineties song but can’t for the life of him find it anywhere on the internet. The Reply All team step in to help him track it down, recreating the song with professional musicians. Do they solve it? We won’t ruin it for you…

Listen to the episode on Spotify.

9) Setlist by Complete Music Update (CMU)

If you want your finger on the pulse when it comes to music news and business happenings in the music industry, then Setlist has you covered. Hosted by CMU Editor Andy Malt and CMU Co-Founder Chris Cooke, this weekly roundup provides you with a one-stop shop on everything that’s going on in the fast-paced music economy.

Available here.

10) Song Exploder

Do you ever wonder how your favourite track came to be? This music podcast can give you the inside-track and secrets as musicians take apart their songs and piece by piece tell you the story of how they were made. Covering all genres, Song Exploder provides a glimpse into what it takes to craft a perfect song, from start to finish.

Incredible guests have included Bjork, Jon Hopkins, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Iver, Metallica, U2, Mumford & Sons, Nine Inch Nails, Lorde, St. Vincent and over a hundred more.

All episodes available here.

11) Soul Music by BBC Sounds

Now in its 28th series, this music podcast by BBC Sounds takes a look at pieces of music with a powerful emotional impact. Past episodes have looked at how the Beach Boys classic ‘God Only Knows’ touches souls everywhere it’s played, personal stories of Joni Mitchel’’s song ‘River’, how the Kinks classic ‘Days’ has affected people’s lives across the globe, an exploration of ELO’s ‘Mr Blue Sky’ and many more.

Listen to each episode here.

12) Switched on Pop

What is it about the pop song formula that makes them so infectious? Musicologist Nate Sloan and songwriter Charlie Harding reveal what it is about pop songs that mean we can’t get them out of our heads and why we can remember every lyric. They delve into the creative output of the likes of Beyonce and Taylor Swift. As Rolling Stone says, “Music theory class was never this fun.”

Find out more here.

13) The Home Selection by OXIA

Created by OXIA, one of France’s most respected DJs and producers, The Home Selection music podcast showcases the tracks that keep him happy while at home or on the road. There’s a real mix of old and new while travelling across multiple genres. Having a chilled out state of mind is the real focus here – perfect for times like these.

If you’re after some credentials, The Home Selection was 2nd in the global pop chart, 16rh in the global electronica chart, 18th in the global downtempo chart, 21st in the global ambient chart and 25th in the global chillout chart.

Available on MixCloud.

14) The Trap Set with Joe Wong

The Trap Set is a music podcast and terrestrial radio show about the lives of drummers. However, it’s attracted both music fans and non-music-fans due to its focus on human-interest stories. Hosted by LA-based composer and drummer, Joe Wong, the podcast uses the craft of drumming to discuss larger topics in life.

Past guests on the show have included Sam Fogarino (Interpol), Phil Collins, Stewart Copeland (The Police), Shelia E. (Prince) and Reggie Watts. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re releasing daily episodes to keep your ears busy during social-distancing.

Find out more here.

15) World of Rave by Slipmatt

“I’ve always had the urge within me to spread the love of all things Rave around the world,” says Slipmatt, a chart-topping DJ with over 30 years of experience in the business and the man behind the World of Rave podcast.

Throughout each episode, Slipmatt showcases the music he loves with Original House, Acid House, Bleeps, Bass, Techno, Hardcore, Old Skool, Breakbeat, Jungle Clubs Classics and everything underground and in between, bringing ravers together from all over the globe.

Available here.

16) Your Favourite Band Sucks

Think your favourite band is safe? No band is safe from co-hosts Mark Mosley and Tyler Mahan Coe. From Fleetwood Mac to Black Sabbath, The Clash, Slayer and The Clash, this ‘comedy podcast’ exposes what the co-hosts refer to as “overrated bands…because all bands are overrated.” It’s hard not to have a little chuckle as the duo take a swipe at the bands we all know and love.

Listen to every episode here.

Have a burning recommendation for music books, films or online radio stations? Keep an eye on our social channels for your favourites to be included in our upcoming NoticeBORED lockdown lists.


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