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The 10 Best Beer Gardens to Visit in Brighton

30th May 2021

I’ve noticed that when you tell people you’re going to be studying in Brighton, one of the first things they bring up is the student nightlife. And quite rightly so – Brighton is a hotspot for a good night out with your best ones. Your freshers might not have looked normal this year, but fear not! Summer is on its way, beer gardens are open and they’re ready to serve you and your friends a lovely refreshing drink! So, I’ve created a list of the 10 best beer gardens for you to visit in Brighton…


31 York Pl, Brighton, BN1 4GU

Hobgoblin seems like a great place to start, as I would definitely call it a student hotspot! Found on London Road, Hobgoblin not only has a big beer garden with plenty of space for you all, but it also has numerous student deals and theme nights to appeal to any kind of drinker – including Tequila Tuesdays, Lemon Wednesdays and Candy Shop Thursdays (bring a lemon and get a free corona? Nice touch Hobgob). Plus their new kitchen The Doghouse is ready to feed you should the need arise – one guess at what they sell. They’re running by walk-ins only at the moment, so get down early and enjoy as many discounted drinks as your heart desires (and keep an eye out for the two pub cats – adorable!)

The Hare and Hounds

75 London Rd, Brighton, BN1 4JF

Sticking with London Road, next we have The Hare and Hounds Pub, a spacious pub with indoor and outdoor seating very close to our Vantage Point campus (sorry Diploma students, you’re not quite old enough yet!) Now I’ve had all kinds of nights at The Hare and Hounds; a few quiet drinks with friends, slightly more intimate date nights, pub quizzes, and some slightly rowdier pre-drinks before hitting town. This pub can fit any vibe! They have sheltered outdoor seating, and a variety of drinks to please anyone – plus student discounts for those of us on a budget! A Thai kitchen during the week, and maybe best of all, a roast on Sunday’s for when you’re missing that touch of home – bloomin’ lovely! Currently walk-in only, make sure to stop by for a drink sometime!

Ye Old King and Queen

13-17 Marlborough Place, Brighton, BN1 1UB

Now listen – if you’ve ever visited the King and Queen, you’re probably thinking that this is a bit of a strange recommendation. And it is! But you can’t argue with their drinks prices and deals, so if you’re looking for some cheap pre’s before heading to town, this is the place for you. Opposite Old Steine and a 10-minute walk from town centre, King and Queen is a massive pub, with loads of space both indoors and outdoors. Now let’s talk deals – 4 bottles of Fosters for £10, double up on your spirits for a pound, and 2 cocktails for £8? Get me in that garden with two woo-woo’s immediately.

Open House

146 Springfield Road, Brighton, BN1 6BZ

Our next pub is a bit further out – and by that I mean it’s right next door to London Road station, so it’s a 14-minute walk from the London Road shops! Nothing is far in Brighton really! Open House would be my go-to recommendation for nice evening drinks, as it has a GORGEOUS garden that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a jungle, and lots of cosy booths to keep you warm in the evenings. I can’t comment on their current drinks deals, but I CAN say that they’re currently taking bookings! Which means you can guarantee a table if you’re set on having a few drinks (or eight, I’m not here to judge)

Mash Tun

1 Church St, Brighton, BN1 1UE

Making our way into town now and next on the list is Mash Tun, found on the same road as the Theatre Royal, and literal minutes away from town centre. I would say Mash Tun is also a bit of a student hot spot – I don’t think I’ve ever walked past this pub and it’s NOT been busy. An excellent outdoor seating area for you and your friends, and they’re currently open till midnight. My favourite thing about Mash Tun is that they open up the DJ booth and turn into an excellent party spot in the evenings. Book your table and head on down, and enjoy bumping into basically every person you’ve ever met in Brighton.

The Black Lion

14 Black Lion St, Brighton BN1 1ND

Heading towards the Laines for this one, The Black Lion is a wonderful pub that gives you everything from delicious food in the day, to a lively party scene at night – it literally has an answer for everything. Want a nice dinner? The Black Lion. A few casual drinks? The Black Lion. Want to tear UP a dance floor? You got it, The Black Lion!  I can’t recommend The Black Lion enough for a night out that isn’t quite clubbing, but you still get to have a big old boogie. And you can book, so can avoid missing out on grabbing a table.


77 West St, Brighton BN1 2RA

Ahhh Revs – anyone that knows me knows I have a bit of a Love-Hate relationship with Revs. But whatever my own personal feelings about the place, I can’t deny that Revs is a great place for an easy night out. Slap bang in the middle of town, right now they’re open for walk-ins in their big garden, with plenty of space for you and your friends to sit and enjoy a few. Plus 2 for £10 cocktail deals 3-7pm every day excluding Saturdays when you download their app – everyone loves a cocktail bargain. Plus when life gets back to ‘normal’ they’ve got not one, but two dance floors, so you can drink cocktails and dance to your heart’s content. As for those personal feelings I mentioned – maybe I’ve just been a bit too drunk there, a few too many times… do with that information what you like.

OhSo Social

50a Kings Rd, Brighton, BN1 1NB

And finally, we have made it to the seafront! I couldn’t make this post without adding a few seafront bars to the list, as half of Brighton’s nightlife lives by the beach! First up we have OhSo Social – a bar with a MASSIVE seating area, so perfect for a weekend night out. They have music and lighting set up outdoors, and DJ’s playing at the weekend – so it still feels like a party, even if you do have to stay sitting at your table! Plus a lovely food menu during the day if you were looking for a nice seafront meal on a Saturday – just watch out for those seagulls.

Shelter Hall

Kings Road Arches, Shelter Hall, Brighton, BN1 1NB

Okay – so Shelter Hall isn’t technically a pub. But it’s pretty amazing, so I had to include it! A newer addition to Brighton’s collection of seafront venues, Shelter Hall is a food hall offering food from six different eateries, as well as having a bar for those looking for a drink. The drink prices are a lot closer to what you’d expect on a regular night out (around £8 for a cocktail, pretty standard really), but the crazy amount of food options are a massive draw to this venue. Not to mention they have a lovely outdoor seating area, so you’ll be set to catch the sun and enjoy a bite and a bev.

The Tempest Inn

159-161 Kings Rd, Brighton, BN1 1NB

Last but not least, we have the Tempest Inn, a bar also situated right on the seafront. If you’re lucky enough to grab a bench, then you’re set for a lovely evening out, where you’ll catch some sun rays nearly all day! No tables left for you? Well don’t worry, the Tempest’s open front (covid friendly) bar serves in plastic, so you can take your drinks down to the beach if all else fails – but make sure to recycle those cups please! Sangsa Kitchen serves some amazing Korean food for those looking for a bite, and the vibes? Well, they’re pretty fantastic. Not the cheapest night out on the list, but a guaranteed good time.


Author: Charley Morgan, ICTheatre Graduate 2020


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