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Kerry Watkins – Social Media Advice

22nd December 2016

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Social media is an ever growing sector of the music industry and it can be difficult to stand out amongst all the noise but we have some tips to boost your social media platforms to the height they deserve.

Your music is original so why shouldn’t your social media reflect this? Be yourself, be authentic, and be personable.
We spoke to Kerry Watkins, social media consultant of Social Brighton, to bring you that added info:

Where should I put my content?

  • Snapchat is great for engaging younger fans
  • Instagram is great for behind the scenes videos/photographs
  • Facebook is best for information (tour dates, music releases, and announcements)
  • Twitter is your conversation portal, it’s quick and great for telling fans what you’re getting up to
  • YouTube does exactly what you’d think – promotional videos, music videos, teaser videos

I have a campaign idea – how do I best execute it?

Break it down into stages and set yourself objectives:

  • Firstly you need to know what your goal is – what do you want the campaign to achieve?
  • Secondly create or collect assets – artwork, graphics, teasers – and optimise them for a specific social platform
  • Lastly, develop a timeline – have a key date plan laid out for each stage of development

How can I improve my reach to fans?
Treat social media as a two-way channel for communication, not just a place to market yourself. It’s also a way of engaging and communicating with fans. Use it to chat with your fans to get their opinions and feedback on your ideas and actions.


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