Ari Anna: How Music Made Me

31st March 2021

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For our Music Made Us campaign, Italian artist Ari Anna, who studies Songwriting in London, explores her musical journey. She tells us about her love for Demi Lovato, tackling human rights and feminist issues, and opens up about eating disorders.

I am an Italian artist that came to London four years ago to pursue my dream of becoming an established singer-songwriter, and I’m just so proud of the choice I made.

I started at BIMM Institute London, and I just loved it since day one. We have inspiring teachers working in the music industry who can help us develop ourselves. I just love UK education as art (music, theatre, fine art) is seen as part of education – as important as history and science. In Italy, this is not the case.

The UK music industry is so broad; I just love the fact that there is space for everyone that wants to do it. Of course, it’s hard, but I believe that if you’re going to achieve your dream, London is the right place!

“There is so much that I want to say and do.”

I have a dream, and it’s bigger than me. I would love to become an established artist, fighting for human rights and tackling feminist issues. There is so much that I want to say and do. I have almost finished two new albums, and the dream would be to find a manager and a publisher who believes in me and help me spread my message. On top of this, I would love to work with and write for artists like Selena Gomez, Rita Ora, Sabrina Carpenter, and of course, Demi Lovato.

Finding Relatability through Music

As a teenager, Demi Lovato always inspired me. I could relate my personal story to many of her songs, and I would say they have helped me become who I am today. She suffered from eating disorders from a young age, as did I, but I discovered how to help myself and love myself every day, thanks to her music.

James Brown and Bob Dylan are my second big inspirations. They’re men that changed the world of music and fought for human rights. They made me believe, as a musician, that we can try to shape the world and make it a better place.

“I’m not scared to be a female in this industry.”

I see the industry changing, but it is sometimes tough to work in a male-centric industry. I have to say that I have been lucky enough to find female artists with my same point of view, and I’m not scared to be a female in this industry. I can just fight for my right.

Sometimes, it is not easy to look at the statistics and see that just 8% of female artists are played on the radio, or that 9% of female artists signed a publishing deal in the UK. However, I’m sure that we will see these statistics change.

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