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The Brighton Dome

15th June 2017

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Constructed in 1803 as the Royal Stables, in its 200+ years the Brighton Dome has been everything from a temporary Hospital to a roller rink, and is now one of the leading arts venues on the south coast.

In 1850, after Queen Victoria took a dislike to Brighton, the Dome was purchased by the town – and it was used a cavalry barracks. It first become a concert hall in 1867 – the same year the Corn Exchange was transformed from a riding house.

In 1934 the Dome was renovated again, in the art deco style that is still recognisable today – then in 2002 the venue as we know it today opened.

Throughout its history Brighton Dome has hosted so many incredible artists, including Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie – and in 1974 it was the venue where ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest.

Pink Floyd were also regulars in the 60’s & 70’s – and in January 1972 they famously debuted Dark Side of the Moon.


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