11th December 2017

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Ryan Gorringe graduated from BIMM Brighton ten years ago. Since then, he’s been making a living as a musician, producer and artist manager. On hearing his name crop up more and more regularly amongst current BIMM students, we felt it was time to catch up with him and reflect on all he’s been up to since graduating.

My name is Ryan Gorringe, though most people know me as GG. I am a producer, co-writer and manager. Back in 2007 I studied at BIMM Brighton. During this period, I was in a grind-core band called Horrors Flooding In (very noisy!), along with performing in a band called Centurion. For the next 2 years I found myself in a van travelling round the UK and Europe performing at various venues with friends bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Khalo.

In between touring, I was at BIMM, which I found extremely insightful, especially the business course from Jake Shillingford. BIMM had great tutors and characters, including Pat Heath, Jim Williams and Jake, all of which were engaging and very resourceful. I also met some great people here, who I am still in contact with today like Sean Sprey (Greco Roman) and Aneek Tharpar.

After deciding to stop performing live in 2010, I focused more on writing and producing songs in the studio. Since then, I have worked on songs which have been broadcast on various stations including BBC Radio 1, Radio X, Triple J, as well having songs being synchronised on Channel 4, ITV, MTV and E!. In the studio, I truly found my calling, I find it hard to leave and pretty much live in the recording and writing environment.

In 2014, I also got into management, which was never intentional, I fell into it when a band asked me to manage them. I felt from being in a signed and touring band I could offer a good perspective to new upcoming artists. The first band I managed was High Tyde between 2014-2016. I worked every day for the band to help expand and grow their fanbase, building a small tight team around them to facilitate touring, producing, distributing, radio and press.

In this period, I got them a deal in the Australian territory with Caroline Records (founded by Richard Branson) home to Catfish And The Battlement, Glass Animals and Loyle Carner. I also got them offers from the publishing company IMAGEM, who the band ended up signing with. The band and I also flew out to L.A last August, working alongside Grammy nominated producers and recording at the Village studios (Fleetwood Mac, Dr. Dre, Rage Against the Machine and Pink Floyd). I cannot be grateful enough to Louis T, Jessie and Alice for helping us hook this up.

This year I’ve recently started writing/producing and developing 3 really exciting new projects, all of which are currently in the early stages of development. They are –

• A band from BIMM called ‘Jumanji‘, great youthful energy with their indie sound.
• A future soul artist called ‘Sabrina Gunston‘, beautiful velvety voice who also studies at BIMM.
• Plus a very exciting R&B male artist, who I can’t name yet but everyone will hear about him from next year.

Finding a balance between co-writing/producing and management can be tough, however I love the challenge as I’m extremely passionate about what I do. I usually wake up and start at 7am and finish anytime between 7-10pm 6 days a week.

My plans for the future are to keep writing and producing songs every day, hopefully for a film one day! To focus and build on the artists I’m currently working with, taking them from regional, to national, to then international. I also would like to take on one more act in 2018. I’ve got my eyes on a few artists, perhaps if you’re reading this you could help point me in the right direction?

Email me – [email protected]




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