29th November 2017


Music Business students Caleb O’Neill, James Leahy, Jess Gilchrist, Becky Armley and Kavya Sundru have created their own promotions company called “Fuzzbox”. The group, who are based at BIMM Brighton, will be putting on their first live music event in January 2018, so we took their fearless leader Caleb aside to kick a metaphorical ball around on the creation of this exciting new project. 

How did you guys come up with the name Fuzzbox?

Naming the company was probably one of the hardest parts, we had pretty much everything else set, even the bands we wanted to book. The name was discussed over a few beverages and Fuzzbox was the one we ultimately decided on.

I like it because it sounds gritty but at the same time, catchy. Much like we want to be, we’re all new to the promotions world, so we’re going in to the grassroots part of it. It might be “dirty” and not as polished but you’re guaranteed the best shows happen at this level. I’m a fan of Mudhoney also, and the name reminds me of Superfuzz Bigmuff, which sold it even more.


What’s the company’s ethos?

At this stage our ethos is pretty centred around this first show, we just want to put on a great show, showcasing some of Brighton and BIMM’s best talent. We’re all Music Business students, we’re passionate about the industry and all have our own strengths and weaknesses that we want to improve on – but we’re just that, students. So we’re using this as a platform to learn, give some young bands a stage to be heard on and if we make any profit, we’ll donate it to charity.


Are there any particular genres you’re looking to stick with?

We’re very lucky in Brighton to have some incredibly talented artists, so finding bands to create the bill wasn’t the hard part, choosing ones that are perfect for it was.

We’ve put together a really solid lineup for our first show. It’ll flow really well and there’s going to be a lot of energy in the room, so it’ll be an exciting night for sure. The first night is definitely an indie/rock/grunge night, however we will be looking to expand the genres we work with on future shows, so that we can offer a platform for more local artists of different genres.


What charity will you be donating your proceeds to and what made you chose it?

We had a lot of options on the table and all of them are worthy causes, but we had to choose one.  We’ve gone for MIND. Mental Health is finally on the precipice of getting the attention it deserves. Approximately 1 in 4 people in the U.K. will experience a mental health health problem each year. Suicide is the leading cause of death in men aged 20-49. The numbers are huge but people are still scared of the stigma or to admit to having an issue/asking for help.

MIND do fantastic work and the team here at Fuzzbox feel honoured to be helping them in any way we can.


What’s the plan after the event on Jan 16th? Any more shows in the pipeline?

We’re putting all of our energy into the first show at the moment, however I can tell you that our second show is confirmed for the Green Door Store, this will be in April and will also be fundraising for MIND. That’s all we’ll say on the matter for now however, if any BIMM artists would be interested in playing, they can contact us on Facebook  here –facebook.com/fuzzboxpromotionsuk – with links to their work as we plan the next show.


Official Facebook event for Fuzzbox’s inaugural show at Green Door Store on January 16. 

Limited tickets are available here!



James Watts

Social Media Assistant, Professional Bassist and Music Journalist. Career highlights include performing at some of the UK's premier music festivals, recording in Abbey Road and interviewing Debbie Harry.