Pippa Moyle and the City Girl Network

9th April 2018

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Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Pippa, founder of the City Girl Network and former Songwriting student at BIMM Brighton.

What is the City Girl Network?

The City Girl Network is a social network helping young women feel at home in their cities. We run events, manage highly-engaged social forums and curate an online magazine for over 4000 members in Brighton, Bristol, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Berlin and Manchester. So far, thousands of girls have found housemates, travel companions, new jobs and a whole new set of friends.

How did it start?

Three years after leaving BIMM, I returned to Brighton with the aspiration that it would be the vibrant creative bubble that I had known it to be. However, by the time I moved back, my friends had started pursuing music careers in London and LA, and I realised I had to build a whole new social scene – but that’s hugely challenging when you don’t have the kind of social net that education provides.

So, I set up Brighton Girl, hoping to create a safe space for all young women living in Brighton that are finding their feet through life, their careers and their relationships. This concept grew to 5 other cities within 18 months!

How does what you learnt at BIMM help you with running a business?

BIMM taught me that there isn’t one set way of building a career, making money or creating art. My experience there gave me the courage to trust my gut and the insight on giving a good hustle. I’m building a business that relies heavily on people believing and trusting my vision, which is a quality that I’m grateful to have started to polish early on in the classrooms of BIMM West.

What’s next?

We’re rolling out to more cities over the coming months – all over the world!

And whilst this is happening, our existing cities will be hosting a whole range of career, fitness and social events, as well as collaborating with local record labels and musicians to put on gigs!

Find out more about the City Girl Network here: www.citygirlnetwork.com

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