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6th August 2019

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2000Trees is said to be Britain’s favourite medium sized festival, and after spending five amazing days working there, I can safely say that it is true.

My name is Mel and I’ll soon be commencing my third and final year of the Music Journalism course at BIMM Brighton. I was fortunate enough to tag along to 2000Trees with the task of interviewing the talented artists playing BIMM’s own Forest Session Stage, as well as handling the college’s social media posts and doing photography of the overall festival.

BIMM was looking for journalists to volunteer to cover the festival, and I was eager to take advantage of an opportunity like this. Thanks to BIMM doing its thing – kicking ass and pulling some strings – I was one of very few people who was given a photo pass. This meant I had access to the photo pits, the little space between the stage and the barrier, to take photos of bands playing. I even got access to the main stage, and it is safe to say that it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Looking back now, the five days I spent in “the forest” feel absolutely surreal, with many highlights that I will remember for a long time. Hanging out backstage with BIMM’s amazing team at the Forest Sessions stage, throwing some banter and sharing many laughs amongst the fairy-lights were some of my favourite things to do.

It was my first time working at a festival and sometimes I let my own insecurities and worries get the best of me, but they really made me feel like part of the true dream team they are. I have been doing music photography for almost a year now, shooting various bands at smaller venues all around Brighton. Being exposed to bigger stages and working alongside professional photographers really taught me so much.

It showed me what being a music photographer is really like, and has only encouraged my motivation of professionally working as one in the future. In addition to this, waving your photo and AAA passes around to security guards and being let in backstage is a really special feeling and gave me the big boost of confidence I needed.

I really do owe BIMM and the Music Journalism course so much. This, as well as countless other amazing opportunities I have been offered, would never have happened without them. The past two years have been challenging, but also tremendously educational and just so much fun. I really am excited, but also a little scared of my final year at BIMM.

Whether it was taking pictures of Friday’s headliners You Me At Six at the main stage with fans screaming behind you, the delectable Happy Maki vegan sushi rolls, watching a real-life peacock prancing around in the campsite or passing Frank Iero as he came out of the backstage toilet minutes before his set, it is safe to say that 2000Trees was one of the best experiences I have ever had.


Melina Moren

20 year old music journalist and photographer from Stockholm, Sweden. Love all things rock and metal, but will enjoy any type of music.