KookieLou talks about ‘Salt’

6th May 2017

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Lily Wolter AKA KookieLou discusses her latest release – a lo-fi, DIY, bedroom EP ‘Salt’

How did you approach the project?

It’s kind of hard to answer. I wanted to make the EP because I hadn’t really made a lot of music on my own before, having always collaborated with my brother Jack. I have a big bunk bed and I use the top of it to record my music. My room is small but pretty coated in everything I own, it’s my own space and it seemed a good place to record the EP. I feel like you can hear the elements of the room in the tracks. I dunno! My approach was DIY. Bedroom. Lo-Fi.

Have you got a stand out moment of releasing ‘Salt’?

The best bit about releasing the EP was probably having my pals tell me they are into it. I like the idea of people listening and liking music the way that I listen/like so many artists. Plus I have been told it’s good bath music – which to me is an honour.

And what was the hardest part?

The whole EP is created due to my 3rd year dissertation project, so the hardest part was having to market myself online in a much more intense way than I usually would. I set myself goals within the project, so I was really pushing promotion for the EP with blogs and live sessions etc. It slightly takes the fun out of it but at the same time I’m spreading it around social media a lot more which is really good.

Any advice you would give to someone approaching a similar project?

I think there is something really endearing about a bedroom EP, without the help of a producer. It’s so easy to create amazing music on such a low budget! All the sounds that your room picks up – the cars outside, the mistakes – they’re by far the best bits! I would love to hear more musicians at BIMM release less polished, commercially ‘perfect’ music! And where better to make it than at home?


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