Introducing the Storage Sessions

15th October 2018


Introduce yourself…

I’m Olly – a drummer, session musician, and owner of online video channel, Storage Sessions. I’m currently based in Manchester, but travel all over the UK for work, whilst finishing up my BA Hons Degree in Professional Musicianship.

What is Storage Sessions?

Storage Sessions is an online video channel which produces and promotes music from upcoming artists around the UK. Storage Sessions aims to be a unique platform for artists to showcase their original material in other ways to what may already be released in audio format, etc. The focus is to produce acoustic/stripped back audio-visual recordings within a very small space (a corridor of an industrial storage unit). Having artists perform in a smaller space somewhat forces them to people to think outside the box – as far as setups and what gear they can use, which I think is a positive experience for creatives to put themselves in!

How did it come about?

Storage Sessions first started as an idea I had for my BA1 Artist Development project. At the time, it wasn’t intended for it to become anything other than that, but once the initial video content was online, other artists started to approach me enquiring as to whether they could take part and it all grew from there, really.

Any highlights so far?

The biggest highlight for me has to be getting to watch the artists perform live right in front of me (as I say, the space is very small!). Whilst the acoustics of the corridor tend to come through pretty well on the videos, nothing really compares to being in the room and hearing it live! Getting to meet and network with new musicians is also always a bonus, as I believe this is an industry which is often very much about who you know and the strength of the relationships you have with people.

How can people get involved?

If people want to enquire about recording for Storage Sessions, they’re best getting in touch with me directly through the Storage Sessions Facebook page with some links to their work (always happy to hear rough demos – as long as the song is strong!). If people are looking for me as a session musician, I’m at ollytandonmusic.co.uk.

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