Introducing: The Bright Black

18th April 2018

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Tell us how the band first started?

TBB: The band started with school mates Travis Yates (lead singer) and Ryan Flanagan (guitarist) jamming in their bedrooms and playing acoustic gigs. Then Sam Tetlow (bassist), who lived with Ryan at university joined, and together they began writing their first songs. Finally, Harry Harrison (drummer), who heard through a mutual friend that there was a space to fill, got in touch and before long The Bright Black were gigging regularly around Manchester.

Can you tell us a bit about how you found, and honed your sound?

Harry: There’s no magic formula really. A degree of trial and error is involved before you realise what you have to offer as a band. An outside opinion that you trust within the industry is also vital. For us, it wasn’t until we wrote and recorded ‘Midnight’ that all the pieces fell into place. We are now exploring that sound even further and can’t wait for people to hear the results.

Did studying at BIMM influence this development for you?

Travis: Yeah definitely, studying at BIMM has given me a great space to not only develop my songwriting skills but also my overall understanding of the music industry and how to navigate it. Having teachers with first hand experience is a fantastic resource and their feedback has been essential to our sense of identity.

You’ve been out on tour recently, how did you go about putting this together?

Sam: Well, as of the 21st of April, we will be playing around 11 shows up and down the country, taking us through to the end of May. We are fortunate enough to have worked with a variety of promoters and venues in the past. Without these, we wouldn’t have had the contacts needed to pull off this tour. It’s been a daunting process, but we’re super excited to hit the road and play some new music for our fans.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

TBB: Don’t wear that” haha.

Anything in the pipeline you want to share?

Ryan: Apart from our busy gigging schedule, we will also be starting a brand new campaign full of fresh content in time for the release of our second single, which will bring our tour to a close. We’re super proud of it and reckon people are going to love it.


Photo by Alexander Ward


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