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4th April 2018

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Nu-Metal is experiencing somewhat of a resurgence in Bristol, thanks in-part to BIMM students Michael Evans, Joe Johnson and Oscar Hocking, AKA ‘Profiler’. We caught up with Michael, who is a BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship undergraduate, for a grilling on the new band’s influences, their creative vision and their reception so far.  

Tell us how the band first started.

The band started because I wanted to do a nu-metal project, so I scouted for talent. I met Joe Johnson (bass) very fast, as he stood out within his year group on the BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship – Bass. Then Oscar Hocking (drums) was found by Joe soon after, as they had the same classes on the BA (Hons) Professional Musicianship – Drums course. Then we began to ‘jam’.

Your sound harks back to the golden age of Nu-metal. Can you explain how you honed this sound?

Nu-Metal is what I grew up with, and it really hits home for me and a lot of people. Hybrid Theory (Linkin Park) and Significant Other (Limp Bizkit) are 2 albums that got me thinking ‘why has no one ever tried to replicate this sound these days?’. I didn’t want to copy what they did, just create something similar with a modern feel. After scouting for a turn-tabalist and finding one, we realised we had a shot at achieving this sound. I wrote a bunch of songs and we all collaborated to make the sound you hear, which we are very proud of.

Not many bands are attempting this style these days. Why do you think this is?

There is actually an influx of Nu-Metal currently with bands like Ocean Grove from Australia. It’s a hard genre to get right and there is a lot of hate surrounding it, but frankly we don’t care. Bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit still pull massive crowds and we hope to do the same in the future. I guess people don’t want to do it because it is dated, but there is nothing wrong with nostalgia.

Should more artists be writing music that encourages people to think about social/political themes?

I think it is important to talk about topical issues such as political injustice and environmental exploitation, but it is up to the artist to talk about what they want. We are just trying to speak our mind about the way we perceive the world. Perception is uniquely interpretive to any individual, we are using our platform as a band to project our consciousness into the universe….and I don’t care if that sounds weird.

The new single ‘Burn’ is amazing! Can you tell us a bit about the production?

Everything is produced in a flat in Bristol by our producer Tom Hennessey, who is a genius. We have a Kemper (amp profiling unit) which is incredible for guitar and bass tones. Also, we are experienced in these areas and know what we want. It takes a great deal of time but is always worth it. 

How have your gigs been going so far? Any plans to tour yet?

Gigs have been great and we always get an amazing reception, we are getting a great deal of interest which is dope as we have only played 5 shows so far. We will be doing a tour after we write our 5 Track E.P ‘Label 99’ which will be released in October this year. For now we will just progressively gig the U.K with our current set.


Profiler aim to start work on their next video in early April.  Check out their social media feeds for announcements and gig updates.





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