Indigo Sunrise by Olly Flavell

19th July 2017

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How did you approach the project?
We started recording this in November by releasing a single each month. I decided that I was going to build up and buzz each month by spending 3 weeks recording and 1 week mixing and mastering! But that never went to plan… so it’s taken 7 months to record but all in all good progress.

Favorite moment while creating the EP?
I think it is the DIY effect of recording each part at each musician’s house. I’d take my recording gear either to my guitarist’s or bassist’s and we’d record each part in their living room. One of the favourites for me was recording the lead guitar parts for ‘Caged’ on a balcony in the sun, that was fun and it still sounds incredible!

And the biggest challenge?
I think mixing and mastering in time for release. I did both myself and found I ended up spending so much time creating the music I’d become antisocial, which isn’t always good for the mind…

Any advice you’d give to people making their own DIY EP?
Go for it! I’d recommend doing it yourself for as little money as possible. Borrow the equipment and learn how to do it yourself. You’ll save hundreds of pounds and learn how to make your music more ‘you’. Although give yourself time off, I found I overworked sometimes!


Sarah-Louise Burns

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