Chris Storer – The Power of 3

9th March 2017

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Last week there was an amazing showcase by Twins Management in Manchester.  Three bands played; Carl North and the Lonely Hearts, The Navettes, and Mister Twisted.  All the bands gave fantastic performances but I noticed that each band had the same drummer – three bands, three sets, three genres – and one powerhouse drummer! 

Drummer Chris Storer gave a stellar performance, never wavering from technique and form. It was great to see a BIMM student performing so professionally.  I chatted to Chris, BA2 Drums Student, about his experience of the night:

How did it come about that you’d be playing three sets?

I’ve been very fortunate in finding three very diverse bands, two of whom are looked after by Twins Management and were the focus of the showcase (The Navettes & Mister Twisted). The other being ‘Carl North & the Lonely Hearts’ who the Twins have worked with before and just so happened to be a band that I was a part of too!

What did you do to prepare?

A lot of band practices, cymbal polishing, and plenty of Lucozade to make sure I survived.  As I knew this was going to be a big gig, I did plenty of stretches and drum rudiment styled warms-ups to reduce the risk of pulling a muscle.

How was the overall experience?

It was such a good night, arguably one of my favourite gigs ever played. It was so fun to play with all three of my bands on the same night. The support was also fantastic from everyone which made it such a great atmosphere to be a part of.

Were you pleased with your performance?

I was really happy with my performance on the night. Before the gig I made sure that I would give 100% effort to each band. So as soon as one performance finished I changed my frame of mind to the next band, giving them all my focus and the most energetic and engaging performance I could.

Would you do it again?

Definitely! Everything exceeded expectations and it was a major success. To be able to be play three different genres of music and having the privilege of playing with all your band mates together, really made it a special and unique gig.


Lucy Evers

As an ex-student of BIMM Brighton and a Vocalist in a Math Pop band Orchards, Lucy has an overview of the student experience that applies to you all. Lucy’s passions for music, journalism and photography all coincide here to showcase; live shows, top tips to living a student lifestyle and the general beauty of the city you live in. She wants you to get a down to earth overview of your BIMM student experience.