BIMM Manchester Live and Lyrical review

13th March 2018

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Fifteen artists, fifteen amazing tracks, one night! BIMM Manchester’s Live and Lyrical gig was the place to be if you want to discover a great variety of up-and-coming musicians. The event took place on February 7th at The Deaf Institute, a venue I frequently visit, but I’ve not seen a room that busy and full of energy for quite a while.

Opening the night was acoustic solo artist Olly Flavell, performing his song ‘Tryna Get My Voice To Be Heard’. The song features an acoustic, up beat backing to Olly’s powerful voice.

Next on stage, Sandi Glowe performed her track ‘The Vow’. The song covered issues such as how social media affects society. The music created an ambient atmosphere within the room as everyone’s attention was drawn to the eerily captivating performance.

ALEXXX was joined by Sam Hugh-Jones for her track ‘Lightning’. The song has a slower pace which complimented her strong vocals, filling the room. I could imagine the track being performed on a much bigger stage, while the audience hold up their phone torch (because that’s what it’s come to now) and sway along with the music.

By the time the fourth artist, Guru Static arrived on stage, Deaf Institute was rammed full of eager music fans. Their track, ‘Medusa’, features a soulful voice which was carried by the music, featuring a steady bassline to help the music flow.

With their song ‘1&2’, Working Men’s Club continued. Featuring a well-timed drum beat, almost ghostly vocals along with distorted riffs. The track created a relaxed mood in the venue.

Lunaire played their track, ‘Warzone’. The bold song featured synth which added depth and distorted, building riffs to fill the venue. The vocals were prominent and fronted the music perfectly.

Taking the night in a different direction. Felicia Eliza performed ‘Scandinavian Traveller’, a track with clear country influences. The song featured a full band fronted by Felicia with her acoustic guitar. Her voice was harmonised with backing vocals and filled the room.

Performing a song about an ex “being upset because your great”, Morgan Harper-Jones sang a sass-fuelled song titled, ‘Hurting Over You’. It used jazz influences, which were provided by Morgan’s band, to create a swinging mood.

Charlie Reader was up next with his song ‘Morning Light’. He had an unusual set up on stage, using an acoustic guitar and a kick drum- like a one man band. His music and style was reminiscent of Mumford and Sons, with folk inspiration and steady beats.

Performing ‘Mango’, Forevers hit the room was with enthusiasm during their dynamic track. The song featured up-beat buildups and powerful vocals along with their engaging set.

It was their first gig together, but you wouldn’t know. Crush performed their song ‘How Come’ with confidence and enthusiasm. The room was getting more and more involved with each track as the night went on.

Now for one of the most anticipated artists of the evening- at least for me. Aleks performed at BIMM’s last end of term gig where he took the night by storm and on Wednesday he managed to do it again. He and his band played their track ‘High’, which featured an array of effects carried by ambient keys and his Michael Jackson-like vocals and persona. An unforgettable performance.

Bringing a heavier tone and clear rock and metal influences, ‘Break’ was performed by Midnight Drive.  This was possibly the heaviest track of the night, featuring powerful beats which moved through the venue.

Not just an unforgettable name, Moby Dickless took to the stage. The band combine an array of genres within their track ‘Loomings’. Using rap and urban styles as well as rock and alternative sounds, the track used a melodic trumpet to add a contrast to the distorted riffs, creating a uniqueness to their sound.

Closing the night, Vanessa Maria and her band performed ‘7-OH-5’. The track provided a calming mood in the room with an ambient tone coupled with her powerful vocals. It was smooth yet you couldn’t help but groove to the music.

Since becoming a student at BIMM, not that long ago, I have always been surrounded by new, brilliant music and I wouldn’t wish for anything less. Live and Lyrical is the perfect place for anyone to discover new artists and enjoy great music.

Words by Olivia ‘Liv’ Kenny

Photo by Ben Mclennan


Olivia Kenny