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5 Twitter tips to help increase followers with no budget

23rd April 2017

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For young artists in the music industry the pressure is on to prove success and create a fan base on social media. So, with little or no budget, how can you increase your following?

Connect with like-minded people

Being pro-active on Twitter is a sure fire way to grow your followers. Use keyword searches and hashtags to find other people you can connect with. Free monitoring dashboards like Tweetdeck are great for setting up columns based on keyword searches to help you find people to follow, as well as conversations to join.

When you find someone interesting or influential, have a look through the people that they are following and when you find someone else there, do the same with who they are following/or who follows them – you’ll not only start growing your followers but your feed will be full of interesting content.

Make Twitter lists

Twitter lists are a really underutilised tool and a great way of sifting through your feed to find the tweets you’re actually interested in. Try making lists based on fans, festival attendees, other bands, labels etc. You can set up these lists as Tweetdeck columns to create a feed of valuable content that updates in real time thereby making it easier for you to connect with people.

Be discoverable

Make sure people can find you on Twitter through a well written, succinct and keyword rich bio. Those 160 characters in your bio are the difference between someone following you or them moving on. Get their attention with this, your profile pic and cover photo. Don’t forget to include your @username on any printed material too.

Based on your connections, others will see your profile in the “who to follow” section on Twitter so be sure to get busy connecting with others to appear here.

Publish valuable content

Give your audience something they’ll love – whether it’s letting them share your journey as an artist, backstage access at gigs for a feeling of exclusivity, behind the scenes of your day to day lives, latest news on your music/career or pure entertainment. Give them something they don’t get anywhere else and be natural and authentic about it. Treat Twitter as a communication tool rather than a marketing tool for maximum engagement.

Be social

It sounds obvious but don’t forget to be social. Be conversational and share a lot but also listen and reply to others. Retweets are a great endorsement so share the content of others and show support to others. Being nice goes a long way on Twitter. Remember, as much as you may be using Twitter to build a profile and position yourself, it pays to be social.

Kerry Watkins

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Kerry Watkins