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BIMM Berlin Open Days: What to Expect

7th February 2017

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Our open days offer you a taste of what life at BIMM Berlin is really like before you start your studies with us. This includes everything from live performances to one-to-one Q&A sessions with members of our Education Team, and full college tours.

“I was moving from Italy to Berlin to study with BIMM so it was really important for me to attend an open day, see the facilities such as Trixx Studio, and to use the opportunity to also explore the city before moving here. I loved what I saw during the open day visit and it made me adamant that I was making the right choice” Vanja Sturno, BIMM Berlin Music Production Student.

Here’s what you can expect from the day:

Live performances from our students
We are very proud of the talent that we produce at BIMM and so we always kick off our open days with a live performance from one of our student bands. In fact we have three live music performances throughout the day because music is our passion and we know that it’s yours too. BIMM Berlin student bands that have performed in the past include Montag Mania, Min_t, and Eveline.

Who do I get to talk to?
A number of team members from BIMM Berlin will be on hand to guide you through the day and answer your questions. Our open day teams usually consist of the College Principal, Head of Education, Promotional Events Assistants, and current students who have been through the application process and can offer their own advice.

During the event we give a presentation on all of the key facts about BIMM. This covers all aspects of the BIMM group including our educational model, the courses on offer, tutors, alumni, success stories, student services, as well as the city and culture of Berlin.

Bespoke Q&A session
During the open day you will be given the opportunity to have a one-to-one Q&A session with a member of the core BIMM team which will be completely tailored to your needs. You can ask about anything from student accommodation to the logistics of immigration, fees, or the application process.

Tour of BIMM Facilities
BIMM Berlin is placed right in the heart of the city and the music industry. Our staff will take you on a guided tour to see our state-of-the-art facilities and you can experience first-hand the classrooms, labs, and studios in which your lessons will be taught.

We hold regular open days to give you a taste of BIMM Berlin life. To sign up or find out more visit the BIMM Berlin open day page.

If you are unavailable on this date you can email [email protected] to arrange a personal tour at a more convenient date.


Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.